Monday, October 21, 2013

i'm back! (just not here)

hello friends!

i bet you were starting to wonder if i was still alive...
haha jk, i bet you didn't even notice i was gone ;)

either way, i am pleased to announce...

i'm back in the blogging world!

however, i have changed things up a little,
and actually started a brand new blog!

 so if you'd like to continue to know about my life,
or if you'd like to just stop by
and check out another one of marquis' beautiful creations (she designed it),

please head over to

...hope to see you there :)

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

blogging hiatus (& a recap)

kendahl knew this day was coming...
and it hurts me a little bit to say, but...
i have decided to take a break from blogging.

it's nothing permanent,
it's just that my life is going to be pretty crazy this summer
(what with 3 weddings and moving across the country)
and i don't want blogging to be something i feel "obligated" to do.

 but, before i go, i think it's only fair that i leave you all with pictures,
because my "vacation" last week really was amazing.

andrew and i flew to austin,
where we toured 4 different apartment complexes,
and very happily signed a lease on one!
so we will have a home come july 31 :)

we also had dinner with a few of his work friends,
and got very excited about our future in such an awesome city!

then we ventured back to athens for the second half of the week.
he had a bunch of cleaning/packing/moving stuff to do,
so i spent most of my days & nights with one of my very best friends... shelby!
(see also: i am a giant compared to her, it's cool)

i also managed to kayak down a river with andrew & some of his friends,
but unfortunately we don't have any pictures :(

basically, i'm exhausted after being away from my bed for a week,
but it was sooo worth it!

now i'm going to spend the next 40-ish days,
or less than 6 weeks,
in crazy wedding planning / dieting / traveling mode.

here goes nothing!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

GUEST POST: mikaela rae

Hey everyone! 
Thank you SO much Emma for having me guest post today!!! I am so incredibly jealous that you're in Austin right now!

So for those of you who don't know me, I recently got engaged to the most beautiful hunk of man flesh ever to walk planet earth (that guy down there), and we'll be moving to Austin next June!! So Emma and I will be neighbors. 
talk about a small world

Annddd, thanks to Emma hopefully we'll have an idea of where to live and all the places the cool kids go - considering Stan will visit for the first time in July and I've never been. 

On a serious note...

Emma was so sweet and asked me to guest post for her and I could not have been more happy to say yes! Stan and I are obviously going through some big transitions in life so I wanted to share with you some of the things that have been on our hearts lately. 

This summer I've been trying to wrap my head around a pretty weird transition in my life...

This will be my last summer at home in New England.

 I'm so blessed that my parents will eventually move down to the Austin area relatively soon after us so we won't be 9238409283 miles apart. BUT. The rest of my family, growing nieces and nephews, and my best friend will still be far away. 

It's so strange to think that I'll have to resort to vacations, skype, random visitings, and other forms of communication to keep in contact with them. It's a whole lot different than driving down the street to have dinner or a game night. 

About a year and a half ago Stan and I were headed back from his farm in North Carolina to our school in Virginia and stopped at an Applebee's on the way back for dinner. It was that night that he told me he had been praying for months if it was God's will for him to change his major from communications with the intention to become a youth pastor to communications for video production. 

Stan's always been great with kids. As you can see, these Chinese kids love him. 

(He was in China teaching english for a summer before our Freshmen year of college) 

I always knew that Stan was great with kids and would make a fantastic youth pastor, but when he started talking about his dream company in Austin, Rooster Teeth, and all of the things they do that he loves I was convinced that was exactly where he needed to be. 
It's one thing to love doing something, but the fact that he lit up when he started talking about it I knew that's where he needed to be and what the Lord gifted him to do. 

Soo... all that to say, Stan and I then prayed for several months to make sure that is where God was directing us to go and finally made the decision to start looking in Texas (where both of us have never been, I might add). 

A lot of people have told us that it's crazy to up and leave to another section of the country without having ever been there, with no job networking established, and even to buy a home where you've never been, but I know with all of my heart that God is going to provide for us and that in itself is SUCH an amazing feeling! 

Both Stan and I love to travel and didn't ever intend to return home to where we grew up so we were wanting to branch out anyway, but I have to say, I never thought it would be this far away! 

The thing that's been keeping me grounded through this transition is knowing that I have an amazing, gifted and strong man by my side and an even greater God in me. 

I'd love for you to come visit and say hi!

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