Monday, October 29, 2012

the beginning

so i figured the best way to begin a blog about my

wedding planning journey

was to introduce myself & the man who i will be lucky to one day call my husband...

i'm emma,

he's andrew,

& we are engaged!!!

this is our story (in a nutshell):

we both went to the university of georgia - go dawgs! we had mutual friends (he knew my freshman year roommate), but somehow we didn't meet until one fateful day in january of our junior year. we both decided to take a dinosaurs class (of all things)... we sat next to each other and became acquaintances, then class friends, and then real friends. everything changed for me, though, when we rode home to florida together for easter (both of our parents live here). he made me laugh almost the entire 8 hour drive, and that's when i realized i wanted to keep him around. we've been pretty inseparable ever since, but everything changed again this past september...

it was a friday night and i was expecting a family photo to be taken... i walked next door to our neighbor's picturesque backyard (thank you, mycoffs!) and there stood andrew. at first i thought he was going to be in the pictures, which would have been a surprise in itself, but when i looked around and saw flowers, cake, champagne... i knew something was up. right then and there he asked me to be his wife, and i immediately accepted, though it was hardly audible through my squeals of excitement! we had a wonderful night with our families, and thoughts of our future together quickly began to fill our heads.

the very next day, i started planning (it runs in my family) & this blog will be a chronicle of our journey to the aisle... there have already been some ups and downs, but i know it will all be worth it when the big day finally arrives. stay tuned for details!

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  1. Yay, yay, yay! Love the blog, Emma :) Love you!!!