Monday, November 12, 2012

electric daisy carnival

this weekend i attended one of the most fun events i've ever been to:

electric daisy carnival

or, as everyone calls it... edc.

it was seriously amazing. imagine 3 different stages of ear-shattering dance music, 40,000 hippies in crazy costumes everywhere you turn, more light shows than i've ever seen before, & old-fashioned carnival rides on top of all of that.

let's just say i am definitely going back next year, and i'll be much more prepared. with headliners like tiesto, afrojack, & bassnectar, how could it be anything other than a great time? here are just a few of the pictures i took, and they don't even come close to capturing the entire atmosphere:

basically, i've got the festival bug, and i'm already starting to look into what i can go to next... if you have any ideas, please let me know! i always need partners in crime ;)

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