Thursday, November 29, 2012

if i were a millionaire...

yesterday, i got to thinking about what i would do with $550 million.
because that's how much the florida powerball jackpot was worth!
my office went in on 66 tickets, so we thought our chances were pretty good.

unfortunately, we didn't win.

(that's how i felt towards the lottery announcer)

but, it wasn't a total loss, because it got my creative juices flowing.
what really would be my first move as a multi-millionaire?

i decided i would buy andrew and myself tickets to an island, pronto.
i would only use as much money as it took to survive there for a few months,
and i wouldn't touch the rest until i was done relaxing.

my next act of business would be to pay off my parents' house, my sister's college, etc.
you know, the grown-up boring stuff.

third, and finally, i would make sure to save/invest the rest somewhere safe,
so that i wouldn't have to work for the rest of my life.
sounds pretty nice, right?

...what would you do with the money?


  1. i would pay off my house, pay off my inlaws' house and my sisters, give some money to them, travel for a bit and stick the rest in investments. how wonderful would it be to traipse around the world?!

  2. yeah... I'd do the grown-up boring stuff first and then I'd plan a looong and fun trip around the world with my hubby and then don' know :)))))

  3. Awe. Cute kitty. Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to following you as well.