Friday, December 7, 2012

get down on friday

dear friday, thank god you are finally here...
i was starting to think there was a never a time before i was in my office.
yeah, it's been a long week.

dear andrew, it's almost your birthday!
i'm so sad i won't be celebrating with you on monday :(
i promise we'll make up for it next weekend.

dear christmas, i can't believe you're back.
& so soon! weren't you just here twelve a few months ago?
either way, it's good to see you again.

dear kendahl, thank you for my wonderful new layout,
and for always inspiring me to post :)
...everyone go check out her blog!

dear victoria's secret fashion show, you are oh-so-entertaining.
but you also make me hate myself a little more every year...
it's cool though, i know i'm just as beautiful as those models! (haha, right?)


  1. Hi Emma!
    So glad that you linked up & that I found your blog! Congratulations! Wedding planning is so much fun! My hubs & I got married 3 years ago...before Pinterest. If Pinterest was around, boy would I have been in trouble! :) Have a great weekend!

    Amy @ keepin' up with the Smith's

  2. Awww you're blog is so cute! I'm excited to have found you. =) Found you via Friday's Letters. Friday never comes fast enough and Christmas comes too fast. What can we do!

  3. I can't believe Christmas is here either!! The year went by so fast! (: I love your blog layout! It's way cute!! Found you from the H5FF Link up! You can find me here:

  4. Over from the link up! Wedding planning is so much fun! My hubs and I where recently married {09.15.12} and while it's wonderful being newlyweds I missing wedding planning! And you're right...Christmas is sneaking up FAR too quickly!

  5. great letters!

    cute blog :)

    happy weekend!

  6. Happy Friday! So happy it's the weekend too.

  7. Cute blog! I agree, it's good to see Christmas again :) ...stopping by from the link up, happy Friday!!

  8. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! :) Love your blog layout!


  9. Cute blog! New follower from the hop! Good Luck wedding planning! I got married in May and am still posting wedding stuff and helpful tips, hopefully! :)

  10. Hi Emma! Your blog is super cute, I love your signature!
    Good luck with all the fun wedding planning, I'm looking forward to following along :)

  11. I can't believe it's already Christmastime either! But I'm happy!

  12. just found this cute blog of yours. so when are you getting married? i'm excited for this weekend too because after that i'll be on winter break! woohooo bring it on christmas :)