Friday, January 11, 2013

bachelor breakdown #1

if anyone knows me, they will know that the bachelor
(and bachelorette) are my favorite tv shows of all time.

i'm obsessed... like, way too much.
i just can't look away from such disastrous human behavior! i decided that it will a tradition for me to analyze
monday night's episode every tuesday.

except that yesterday was really busy so now it's wednesday... don't hate me.

here goes nothing:

1. did anyone else think his hangout sesh with arie was extremely awkward/uncomfortable?
i'm definitely not convinced that they are "great friends" in real life.

2. the 50 shades girl... wow. even before she started acting all drunk & slutty, i knew she was crazy.
she said the words "i actively look for a boyfriend" and that's just not okay.

3. something about this show that always baffles me is the freshly watered cement.
 i'm pretty sure they hose it down right before people arrive.

4. the wedding dress girl... yikes. equally as drunk and stupid as the others,
she managed to slur out "gimme a kiss" and it was really quite sad.
5. i just love chris harrison. his job is so incredibly pointless,
but i wouldn't want anyone else to do it.

6. overall, slim pickings in my opinion. all the girls are either crazy, stupid, or both.
except for a few... taryn, anyone? at least she's beautiful.

7. lastly, and most importantly, i'm pretty sure sean is still in love with emily.
and so far, he's got no one who even comes close to her.
...what did you guys think???


  1. I agree 100% - why can't Sean and Emily just get together? None of these girls are good enough for him in my opinion! From the looks of the previews that wedding dress girl sticks around for a while - I'm shocked!!

  2. Hi there - new follower form the linkup! Love your blog & can't wait to read more! Hope you have a great day :)

  3. Cute blog! I your link over at The Book of Meghan! I love the Bachelor and agree, there are not very many classy girls. Here are my top 3: Catherine, Jackie and Lesley M. It looks like he goes for the brunettes in the end... I think I am just pulling for the PacNW girl cause the rest were crazy! And good call on Chris Harrison! His job is totally pointless "Ladies, Sean, this is the final rose". Duh! ;) Love it!!