Thursday, January 17, 2013

bachelor breakdown #2

i'm not going to lie to you guys,
this week's episode had me less than enthused.

all examples from ben's season
tierra is obviously being cast as the villian (courtney),
desiree is the super sweet one who he can have fun with (lindzi),
kristy is the obnoxious, self-obsessed model (also courtney),
lesley is the slightly awkward, smart one (emily)...

okay, maybe i'm being cynical.
but is it just me, or are all the seasons starting to feel the same?

what i want is someone fresh, original, real...
which (if "sources" are correct) may be catherine.

she seems very cute and sweet,
although her "i love the beef" joke was not the best.

basically, i just want a couple to last for once,
and maybe that's too much to ask, but i can't help it!

i'm a true romantic at heart :)


  1. I love your breakdown of the Bachelor :) I love seeing other people obsessed with the bachelor too! Hopefully you'll do these every week :)

  2. I loove the bachelor, but after last season, i've gotten bored and haven't watched ONE episode of Sean's season. WAH

  3. You are totally right! I keep saying how all the girls are the same from past seasons. It's getting pretty annoying. I do love Desiree, but Catherine is growing on me. Everyone else can go home.