Wednesday, January 23, 2013

bachelor breakdown #3

stream of consciousness, ready, go...

first one-on-one date
lesley is a cute girl - grabbing his hair, yikes - so awkward... her butt cheeks are about to show - they zoomed in on him grabbing her butt - she can't look him in the eye - she has a man voice

group date
what bathing suits are they wearing? - daniella is comic relief  - the producers matched the teams so evenly! - wedding dress girl has redeemed herself, surprisingly - amanda is the devil - kacie b is gross looking (crooked eyebrows)

yes, this is a picture of my tv from my phone... i just couldn't resist

second one-on-one date
tierra is a sneaky one - i would not want to be in heels and a dress at a theme park - i think ashlee is a grandmother, but she's so sweet and humble! - sean cried... love him - they're all "falling in love with him" already... this could get ugly - SHE IS AN ANGEL

cocktail party / rose ceremony
tierra's eyebrows are out of this world, literally - the dog thing for one-armed sarah was really cute - these girls are feisty! - nobody cares, kacie b (in your biker jumpsuit) - she drives off in a van... - did he call desiree last as a joke? #confused - does anyone else feel like he called them in reverse order? - he's definitely not making any decisions based on looks, woof

what did you guys think of the episode???


  1. Hahaha, you pretty much said everything I was thinking the whole time I was watching!

  2. Why would Kacie B insert herself into all that drama? Umm hello,
    She was once on this show shouldn't she know that doing such an idiotic thing is bachelor suicide.

  3. haha we are on the same page with our bachelor recaps, love it!

  4. So addicted to this show! Love your play-by-play!!