Wednesday, January 30, 2013

bachelor breakdown #4

first one-on-one date
the boxer brief shots!!! - ashley greene's twin gets the first date and already mentions having babies - leslie is crying... - 110 lbs? i'm not sure i believe that. - "i feel puffy, so... this should be interesting" - how do they get down???

group date
amanda is smiling a lot and it scares me - this show just gets weirder and weirder! - i didn't even know catherine was on this date... - seeing tierra jealous makes me happy - why does she dress like a hooker? - so many angry faces when he grabbed that rose

i also found this gem of a twitter account

second one-on-one date
i don't think you get to keep them, sweetheart - why does she keep saying "batman"? - does neil lane do anything besides the bachelor franchise? - i do feel sad for her... - the dramatic rose dropping!!!

cocktail party / rose ceremony
robyn's most awkward kiss in the history of the world - "i just want to apologize for how you attacked me" - for once, daniella understand what's going on - catherine talks through her teeth - the rose ceremony music gets me everytime - why are there 2 episodes next week?!?

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  1. I saw you linked up with Shanna and I also posted about Tierra's Eyebrow... haha!! So funny!!!

  2. This is hilarious I still haven't watched, I guess I need to set a date with my dvr!! And that Twitter account- wow!

  3. I am totally going to start following Tierra's eyebrows! That is hilarious! AshLee is still my favorite at this point, she is just too sweet to lose!

  4. Ok, I need to start watching this season. Everyone is doing these blog recaps and they're so hilarious!

  5. I got home in time for the Do you want some chocolate date question and I decided to pass! lol Can I finally be getting over my Bachelor habit?

  6. When I saw that someone made a twitter account for Tierra's eyebrows, I just about died.
    SO hilarious!