Tuesday, January 15, 2013

become another person

sooo it's a little known fact (or maybe it's not)
that i love to dress up.

any excuse that i have to do so, i will be found in a costume.
and it's not fun if you don't go absolutely insane all out, right?

here are some examples...
(over the course of the last 7 years)

not really sure what i was going for here...

yes, this was a school dance. (corsage, anyone?)

who doesn't dress up as as baby for halloween?

m&m. classic.

now you see me, now you don't...

gangsta squad, represent

risky business?

a little slutty... sorry, mom!

i'm not afraid to frighten children.

just call me pocahontas!

you can't live in orlando and not own a fanny pack...


wingardium leviosa!

a glimpse into the future...

as you can see, my outfits involve a lot of colored tights & cut-up t-shirts.
even a few flower necklaces, for good measure.

yeah, it gets crazy. but i don't mind the stares/comments/etc.
in fact, they're part of the reason i do it ;)

...do any of you guys love dressing up as much as i do???


  1. Love dressing up! Any excuse to buy things ill never wear is the best. And of course we have to go all out! Love the gangster squad. I remember when we used to do that!

  2. I really enjoy Halloween... but I'm not that adventurous most of the rest of the year. you've got some great outfits here!

    xoxo, Amy