Monday, January 21, 2013

the facts of me

  • i'm emma & i'll be 23 next month
  • i'm engaged to andrew (who turned 23 last month)
  • we're getting married on july 20, 2013 - eek!
  • i'm the daughter of nancy and bill,
    who just celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary!
  • i'm the big sister of anna (19) and william (15)
 this is how we all still look
  • i work at mutual of omaha as a sales assistant
    (w/ the lovely kendahl!)
  • i've been blogging for 3 months and this is my 22nd post,
    but i'm trying to post more often
  • my favorite bloggers so far are taylor, whitney, & helene
  • my blog title comes from the fact that i'm moving
    to austin, texas when i get married
  • favorite movies: inception, across the universe, 127 hours
  • favorite musicians: ellie goulding, john mayer, taylor swift
  • favorite tv shows: the OC, friends, how i met your mother
  • i'm incredibly lucky to have a really close group of girlfriends
    from my hometown (hi LBFG!)

  • i also have one from my college
    (phi mu till we die mu!)
  • i'm a christian and my faith is a huge part of my life
  • i love coffee, tea, & hot chocolate
  • i can be super serious or i can be super weird
    (mostly weird, though... just ask my office! haha)
  • i love dressing up... like seriously, i love it
  • i also love talking about myself,
    so this post couldn't be more perfect!
...i'm glad you're here and i hope you stay awhile!


  1. That's so exciting that you're moving to Austin after you get married! You will love it! :)

  2. Came across your blog from Whitney's link up! I am a Phi Mu too, I love Austin thats where we wanted to end up but alas both of me and the hubby's jobs brought us to Houston... not too far though! Either way I love Texas!!

  3. I do love dressing up as well! This is such a cute idea for a link up!

  4. love this post and your blog! glad i found you :) xo annalizbeth

  5. you are seriously the sweetest! Thanks for mentioning me! I was a kappa in college and a fellow texan!

  6. Found you through the link-ups and I had to follow you because we have so much in common! :) The OC is my all-time favorite TV show and I also love T.Swift and John Mayer. As a native Texan, I can say you'll love it here! :)

  7. Congrats on your upcoming marriage!! So exciting! You will love Austin and Texas. I, myself, just left the great state and miss it already.

  8. Came across you on the link up - Austin is an amazing city, you will love it!!

  9. So glad this was your post today since it's my first time reading your blog. Love when it's easy to get to know someone straight off the bat haha. How exciting that you're going to be moving right away. I've always wanted to visit TX

  10. I so wish I had started blogging when we got engaged. Such an exciting time! You guys are precious. And I love your ring! Febs is the best bday month.

    I'm in San Antonio, a hop/skip/jump away from Austin :) We moved here three months after we got married. You'll love TX!

  11. Love your list of favorite bloggers. ;) jussssst kidding!!
    Adoreeeee J.Mayer and T.Swifty. We would have some serious car concerts together, I think!

  12. Just found your blog through the link up! Can't wait to follow along through your engagement and wedding! I just got married last month.
    You will love Austin! There is a great group of bloggers there and I am actually going to a meetup there this weekend!

  13. Your ring is gorgeous! Before you know it your wedding will be here, I'm sure time will fly. I kinda like talking about myself too! LOL! New Follower :)