Thursday, January 10, 2013

why i love andrew

aka my future hubby
(only 191 more days!)

he played the role of (super handsome) fiancé in an engagement photo shoot
...what guy wouldn't want to do this???

he lets me call and wake him up every morning while i drive to work 
(at 8:15, even though he doesn't have to be up for hours)

he doesn't think i'm crazy for starting a blog
...and actually reads it! i think ;)

he treats me like a princess, even when i don't deserve it.
which, i'm pretty sure, is most of the time...

he is an incredible cook, and doesn't mind making meals.
i seriously devour everything he serves me!

but most of all, he loves me unconditionally.
it doesn't get any better than that! am i right?

so, there you have it... why i'm crazy about my guy :)
i just can't wait to be mrs. emma james!


  1. Aww- what a sweet post! :) And those photos are absolutely adorable, your outfits choices are perfect!!

    And lucky us, for having guys that are great cooks?! We are spoiled ;)

  2. Glenn reads my blog, too! Every single day, and I love it!
    Sweet post, girl!

    P.S. ~ those 191 days are about to fly by ;)

  3. That is truly beautiful.... these are my favourite types of posts :) I totally understand when you "he loves me unconditionally". That's the best! It's so exciting that you're getting married soon. We just got married last August, almost 6 months!! How time flies.

    PS - I wrote a similar post "why I love him", if you're interested :)


  4. I highly recommend! My Andrew has been working out very nicely! :) Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

  5. So sweet, Emma! I can't wait to be by your side on your special day!!! Emma James- such a good name.