Thursday, February 28, 2013

bachelor breakdown #8

first things first, THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday...
you truly made my day so much better! :)

second things second (is that a phrase?), it's bachelor time.
and this week was a doozy.

nice standing on a boat, sean - these shots are so awkward

first one-on-one date w/ lindsey
those colorful chickens!!! - she is just a cutie pie - perfect timing, crazy dancers

second one-on-one date w/ ashlee
she is obsesseddd - they're all so tan, it's driving me crazy! - we get it... you have a fear of adandonement - terrible lighting & sound in the cave - she's trying to be silly, but it just doesn't work! - a little forward with the ring talk, no?

third one-on-one date w/ catherine
the forehead kiss, awww - STOP SAYING BEST FRIEND MOLD - he's said "just you and me, no distractions" to each of them - i want her to say i love you!

rose ceremony
catherine's video wasn't as awkward as i thought it would be (except for the "wiggles" comment) - this is going to be depressing! - "the rain is very fitting today"

that's all i got folks. so i'll just leave you with this photo:

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

in honor of my birthday

(which is today... woot woot 23!)

i thought i would write a letter to my younger self,
chronicling a few of the things i wish i had known earlier.

the first, and most important, is:
life is so much bigger than boys.

i can't even tell you how many boys i liked
(read: was infatuated with)
before i finally met one who was worthy of my affections.
hi babe!

secondly, i would have to say:
be kind to your parents.

one day they will let you live at home for free and save oodles of ca$h money.
also, they're pretty cool for always supporting you
and making sure you know that you can do anything you put your mind to.

next up is:
enjoy each stage of life while you're in it
(or don't grow up too soon).

before you know it, you will have a full-time job,
and you will long for the carefree days of high school and college.

 ...that's all i've got for now, but i think those are pretty good ones.
p.s. i bought a custom domain yesterday,
so if things are a little weird around these parts, i'm sorry!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, February 25, 2013

mr. & mrs.

this weekend, andrew & i attended our 7th wedding since i graduated,
and we have 3 more to go until we get married in july.

crazy, right?

this one, however, was extra special because it was one of my very best friends!
it truly was an incredible day & night of celebration.

mr. & mrs. borrelli

me & my future mr.
sweet friends

it was a wonderful weekend full of love & seeing people that i adore.
the only problem was that it ended too soon!

how were you guys' weekends???

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Friday, February 22, 2013

GIVEAWAY (1st of 3)

so i have a few giveaways coming up around these parts,
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the first went live yesterday, over at the daily tay

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

bachelor breakdown #7

this is pretty much how i feel when i blog about #thebachelor...


first hometown date w/ ashlee
did i just hear them say two-night event? again??? - what is she wearing? - his eyebrows are nonexistent - she is so intense - i'm bored - her dad is the sweetest!

second hometown date w/ catherine
"i like the way he looks at me" awww - why are they doing this? - they're just big ole goofballs - aaand her grandma steals the show - her sisters are ruining this

third hometown date w/ lindsey
she looks super cute - bahaha i don't even know what to do with this army scene! - he's freaking out about meeting her dad - sean needs a new hairstyle - i wish we saw more of the brother...

fourth hometown date w/ desiree
she's getting sporty - he doesn't look hike-ready - "i just wanna make out"... nice - i'm so confused... is she playing a prank on him? - her brother = no words - THIS IS AWKWARD

rose ceremony
he really likes all four... i feel bad :( - i don't know what's going to happen!!! - i love how its down to all brunettes - i feel like i could cry - poor thing in her tiny dress - this is so depressing... it's only going to get harder and harder to see them leave


sean tells all
i can't believe the brother originally liked him! - we know, one-armed sarah, it's all you could talk about - eskimo & butterfly kisses? these people stop at nothing - sean eating the brownie! hahaha - he's selfish, he wants the girls to focus on him instead of tierra - "i did a really good job of affirming her" until the night i broke her heart... - i feel like he doesn't really "get" catherine

...another week full of sean lowe and his awkward shower scenses,
another reminder of how thankful i am to have already found my man!
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the truth comes out...

yesterday, people guessed which of my facts was a lie:

7 people said #1
2 people said #2
4 people said #3

the truth is...

#2 (both my mom and my dad were the first in their family to graduate from college) is a lie!
all 4 of my grandparents also graduated from college.

i'm happy i was able to trick so many of you though ;)

#1 (i lived in china for three weeks) is true!
i went the summer after my junior year of college with people from my major.

i took this of the great wall

me & 2 besties that i made on the trip

#3 (my house is currently being scouted as a commercial location) is also true!

who wouldn't want this sunset?

unfortunately, yesterday we found out that our house was not picked :(

my mom is blaming me...

what can i say? i warned you guys that i was really good at this game.
thanks for guessing!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

hangin' with some lions

who doesn't love to play this game???
warning: i'm really good at it.

okay, here goes:

1) i lived in china for three weeks

2) both my mom and my dad were the first in their family to graduate college

3) my house is currently being scouted as a commercial location

sooo which of those facts did i completely make up?
leave a comment with your guess, and come back tomorrow for the answer!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

it's vday time

happy valentine's day!!!

last weekend, andrew and i celebrated this holiday a little early,
since he's back in georgia today :(

not too shabbyyy

while he was in town, i also convinced him to answer questions about me!
here are our answers (him in blue, me in pink, naturally):

how long have you been dating?
one and a half years
one year, five months
where was your first date?
atlanta (cafe intermezzo)
intermezzo in ATL
where was your first kiss?
my room at oak street
his room @ oak
who first said "i love you"?
i did
what are your wedding colors?
blue & something
navy, yellow & white
what is her most commonly used phrase?
who is her celebrity crush?
seth meyers
seth meyers
if she was ordering (alcoholic) drinks for both of you, what would you get?
terrapin or whiskey/coke and vodka/tonic
stella or bourbon/coke and vodka/tonic
 what is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
steaks for my birthday
have i ever cooked? birthday meal?
what is the worst meal?
pasta and burned veggies
same as above? (sidenote: i have no recollection of this bad meal that he is referring to)
what would she say is your most annoying habit?
skipping class
what is the last thing she does before bed?
talk to me on the phone
talk to him
if you could throw out one item of her clothing, what would it be?
i don't know
belly shirts, haha
what is your favorite thing about her?
i love her fun spirit. she always has a smile on her face and is full of laughter. you can never be anything but happy when with her.
everything :) but if that answer doesn't qualify him for fiance of the year, i don't know what does!
what is her go-to drink at starbucks?
white mocha
tea latte or white chocolate mocha
what is her blog name?
chasing texas
chasing texas he knows me pretty well!
which is good, considering i've committed to spend the rest of my life with him ;)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

bachelor breakdown #6

first one-on-one date
ashley and her boob job go boating - she was married?!?!?!? - well they are just perfect

second one-on-one date
tierra is a miserable human being - "i don't know what it was caused from"... she needs a grammar lesson - THE TRUTH COMES OUT! SHE CAN'T CONTROL HER EYEBROW

group date
lindsay didn't even shave her armpit... that's me most days - mimosas, yum - desiree's getting emotional

third one-on-date
i do love lesley's skirt! - random black cat - do they not get a night part of the date?

therapy sesh w/ sis
(aka tierrable says goodbye)
shay is so sweet - is he finally going to catch her in the act of being a bitch? - i can't even express how happy i am that she's leaving! - "nobody can take my sparkle away"

who's lauging now, crazy?!?

rose ceremony
the dramatic background music can stop now - catherine should be happy!!! - we have that exact same christmas tradition... awkward

i reallyyy liked this episode and i'm really looking forward to next week!
predictions: desiree goes home, then ashlee, then lindsey, and catherine wins :)
...we'll see if i'm right!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

falling behind

do you ever feel like you're falling behind?
like you keep trying to get "caught up" but it's just out of reach?

i've been feeling that way lately.
i'm not sure how it started... but now each day i feel like i'm barely surviving.
which some of you may know, if you've sent me an email recently
because, chances are, i haven't responded yet - sorry!

i get up as late as possible each morning, rush to get ready for work, and just make it on time.
i work all day (sometimes not even taking a lunch break)
and then drive home right as it's getting dark.
i'm starving and exhausted and it's all i can do to change in to comfy clothes and lay down.

some nights i watch a show - look here for a bachelor recap tomorrow -
some nights i go to dinner with friends, or to a new bible study that i joined,
and every night i'm ready to turn my light out by 10 o'clock.

 i'm too tired to write a blog post, i'm too tired to clean my room
(which, in case you're wondering, looks like it was hit by a tornado),
i'm definitely too tired to do anything related to wedding planning. what do i do now?
do you guys have any helpful hints for getting back on the horse?

 i'm usually the kind of person who has my life under control,
and feeling this way has me freaking out a little.
the good news is (and this next realization is slightly pathetic)
 i have no plans this weekend, so i may use my time off to get "caught up" and feeling good.

hopefully i'm not the only crazy girl who this happens to!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

if you're famous, i will find you

hi, i'm emma
and i am a stalker.
(hiii emma!)

anyone who knows me, knows this fact all too well.
if there is a famous person anywhere within a 10 mile radius, i will go out of my way to find them.

what's that you say? you want proof?
well, hold on to your keyboard, folks. it's picture time.

1) circa 2008, some friends and i heard that america's darling, aka amanda bynes,
(before she went all pink hair and drunk driving crazy)
was in town filming her latest movie.
naturally we found the movie set, stood there until we saw her, then attacked and demanded a picture.

forgive the bad quality... cameras weren't as nice back then

her words to us? "wow, it's so nice to meet fans my own age"
in other words: you guys are way too old to be stalking me. but we didn't care.

2) around this same time, another well-known face happened to end up in our neck of the woods.
it was none other than the teen skateboarding sensation
who was notoriously "just trying to live his life" while being filmed for his own reality series.
that's right... ryan sheckler from "life of ryan"

yes, i'm wearing a shirt that isn't mine complete with american eagle shorts

we also met his friends & family, and i gave my phone number to one of them.
but you know what's so surprising?
i never got a call asking me to come join them on the show!
they must have misplaced those digits.

3) the next one was by accident, so i can't really take credit,
but i will anyway. 
one brody jenner happened to dine at a table near me
during spring break my freshman year of college.

 chillin' like a villian in PCB

i asked if i could take a picture with him,
but his publicist quickly turned me down, so this was the best i could do.

4) this last one is a youtube sensation,
and if you don't know who he is, i suggest you research him immediately.
mattyb will blow your socks off with his
i'm-even-younger-than-justin-bieber voice and dance moves.

 again, don't mind my outfit

i made him promise he would remember me forever,
and something tells me that he actually will.

5) honorable mention (i didn't get a picture, unfortunately):

ellie goulding - i've seen her twice in concert,
and the first time was right when her first cd came out,
and she wasn't huge yet... how cool am i?
anyway, after the show ended i decided that i HAD to get backstage and meet her.
so i poked around a few doors that i shouldn't have
and ended up in in a hallway where the dressing rooms were.
i looked into one and there was ellie... sitting 10 feet away from me.
about this time a guard realized what i was up to and told me (in a british accent)
"that i really shouldn't be back here".
so i yelled out "you did great tonight!"
and she replied "thank you!"
...and i'll remember it for the rest of my life.

that, my friends, is the end of the list (for now)
but you can bet your bottom dollar that i'll find more in the years to come.

have you met anyone famous???

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

bachelor breakdown #5

yes, the bachelor was on two nights in a row this week,
and yes, i diligently watched both episodes.

here are my thoughts:


one-on-one date w/ lindsey
really? montana? - she's crying a little, hahaha - "the most badass helicopter ever" ...  - she has such a baby voice! - #blessed - all of a sudden, he's obsessed - has anyone heard of this singer? - they always put them on an awkward pedestal, literally

group date
"are those dogs?" - chris harrison sporting a little facial hair! - selma getting intense - milking a goat... this is a disgusting - hmmm wonder who on the blue team he was missing? - poor desiree :( - daniella is looking rough - tierra showing up where she wasn't invited... i get the feeling this happens a lot - lets not say "soul connection", please - him carrying Catherine = LOVE - whoa, scary kiss - jealousy does not look good on robyn

two-on-one date
don't they know that the aggressive girls never win? - sweet little jackie  - 3 people at dinner = sooo awkward - "i have the biggest heart" - tierra is a straight up maniac

cocktail party & rose ceremony
 i think she meant "petty" - hahaha, her stinger does come out... - the way tierra views herself is completely unrealistic - of course he goes to lesley for answers - the stuffed animals they keep showing are insane - not quite the outdoorsman we thought he was!


first one-on-one date w/ catherine
hello wildlife! - onesie snowsuit... niceee - I WOULD BE MISERABLE - "catherine has melted my heart"

group date
poor one-armed sarah has had to do so many physically activities on this show! it's insane - selma's laugh!!! - canadian accents are hilarious - yeah, i would've sat that one out - tierra's tactic worked again! - how awkward when she walked in the room... - how to fake an injury 101 - i'm over lesley - nooo, not sarah! i'm gonna cry :( - she truly is one of the most genuine girls ever - & beautiful too!

second one-on-one date w/ desiree
i'm also over these rock climbing dates - i would not want to eat on the ground so much - "my little cub"... haha, yikes - can you be considered humble if you say "i'm so humble"?

cocktail party & rose ceremony
what is this fur scarf tierra is wearing? - selma, this show is not worth being estranged from your family - lindsey has a thing for white dresses, apparently  - & a giant hair poof - what is ashlee doing??? - aw, i love him carrying her - i'm shocked by that final rose! - i can't believe it's down to 6

...i don't know about you guys,
but i feel like i need a serious break after these 2 episodes.
i can only handle tierra's antics for so long before i have an allergic reaction to her.
what do you guys think???

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Monday, February 4, 2013

monday, again?

really? it's already time to start another week?
does anyone else feel like the weekdays are all starting to run together?

it's just that my weekends are sooo wonderful...
even when i do absolutely nothing (as i did this weekend).

then i come back to work, where everything is always the same
(except that i'm wearing some slightly different variation of flats, work pants, and a top)
and it makes me want to whine and complain to anyone who will listen.

basically, my weekend consisted of stalking blogger per usual,
being featured on the browse
and freaking out so much that my family probably thought i had won the lottery.

eating this delicious food:

watching this amazing sunset:

popping advil like an addict:
(my throat has been really sore lately... i'm blaming this procedure)

& of course, having a huge crush on this lady:

sounds exciting, right?!?
well, to me it was a perfectly lazy few days,
and sometimes those are the best days.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

my wedding party!

it's finally official, and i can shout it from the rooftops...
my wedding party has been chosen!

here's a little bit about each of my lovely ladies:

sister & maid of honor / best friends since birth

home / best friends since 1992

home / best friends since 1992

camp / best friends since 2006

college / best friends since 2008

college / best friends since 2008

these girls have seen me through everything:
awkward middle school phases, boys, too many tears, you name it.
...i feel so incredibly lucky to have these women in my life,
and i can't wait to share my special day with them!

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