Wednesday, February 6, 2013

bachelor breakdown #5

yes, the bachelor was on two nights in a row this week,
and yes, i diligently watched both episodes.

here are my thoughts:


one-on-one date w/ lindsey
really? montana? - she's crying a little, hahaha - "the most badass helicopter ever" ...  - she has such a baby voice! - #blessed - all of a sudden, he's obsessed - has anyone heard of this singer? - they always put them on an awkward pedestal, literally

group date
"are those dogs?" - chris harrison sporting a little facial hair! - selma getting intense - milking a goat... this is a disgusting - hmmm wonder who on the blue team he was missing? - poor desiree :( - daniella is looking rough - tierra showing up where she wasn't invited... i get the feeling this happens a lot - lets not say "soul connection", please - him carrying Catherine = LOVE - whoa, scary kiss - jealousy does not look good on robyn

two-on-one date
don't they know that the aggressive girls never win? - sweet little jackie  - 3 people at dinner = sooo awkward - "i have the biggest heart" - tierra is a straight up maniac

cocktail party & rose ceremony
 i think she meant "petty" - hahaha, her stinger does come out... - the way tierra views herself is completely unrealistic - of course he goes to lesley for answers - the stuffed animals they keep showing are insane - not quite the outdoorsman we thought he was!


first one-on-one date w/ catherine
hello wildlife! - onesie snowsuit... niceee - I WOULD BE MISERABLE - "catherine has melted my heart"

group date
poor one-armed sarah has had to do so many physically activities on this show! it's insane - selma's laugh!!! - canadian accents are hilarious - yeah, i would've sat that one out - tierra's tactic worked again! - how awkward when she walked in the room... - how to fake an injury 101 - i'm over lesley - nooo, not sarah! i'm gonna cry :( - she truly is one of the most genuine girls ever - & beautiful too!

second one-on-one date w/ desiree
i'm also over these rock climbing dates - i would not want to eat on the ground so much - "my little cub"... haha, yikes - can you be considered humble if you say "i'm so humble"?

cocktail party & rose ceremony
what is this fur scarf tierra is wearing? - selma, this show is not worth being estranged from your family - lindsey has a thing for white dresses, apparently  - & a giant hair poof - what is ashlee doing??? - aw, i love him carrying her - i'm shocked by that final rose! - i can't believe it's down to 6

...i don't know about you guys,
but i feel like i need a serious break after these 2 episodes.
i can only handle tierra's antics for so long before i have an allergic reaction to her.
what do you guys think???

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  1. So funny! I love the Bachelor Breakdown posts! I'm going to admit that I did have tears when he let Sarah go. I just feel so bad for her! Also, I made the same comment when Tierra said pitty & not petty. :) Who are you rooting for? I like Desiree, AshLee & Lindsey.

  2. I can't stop laughing!!!! I love this! I do a bachelor recap too, I just can't help it - it's my guilty pleasure :) I'm glad someone else noticed Selma's laugh too haha


  3. This show is out of control. I just love it. I was totally sad when he let Sarah go and wanted to scream when he kept Tierra. That girl is a nut. AshLee & Desiree are my new front runners. I love Lesley but she just seems a little too young for him. I can't wait till next week! lol. Fun post! I love talking Bachelor.

  4. i most definitely need a break!!! i love it but i hate that I watch it!

  5. I've watched every Bachelor and every Bachelorette from day one. and it's amazing to see which couples stay together and which dont last at all.