Wednesday, February 13, 2013

bachelor breakdown #6

first one-on-one date
ashley and her boob job go boating - she was married?!?!?!? - well they are just perfect

second one-on-one date
tierra is a miserable human being - "i don't know what it was caused from"... she needs a grammar lesson - THE TRUTH COMES OUT! SHE CAN'T CONTROL HER EYEBROW

group date
lindsay didn't even shave her armpit... that's me most days - mimosas, yum - desiree's getting emotional

third one-on-date
i do love lesley's skirt! - random black cat - do they not get a night part of the date?

therapy sesh w/ sis
(aka tierrable says goodbye)
shay is so sweet - is he finally going to catch her in the act of being a bitch? - i can't even express how happy i am that she's leaving! - "nobody can take my sparkle away"

who's lauging now, crazy?!?

rose ceremony
the dramatic background music can stop now - catherine should be happy!!! - we have that exact same christmas tradition... awkward

i reallyyy liked this episode and i'm really looking forward to next week!
predictions: desiree goes home, then ashlee, then lindsey, and catherine wins :)
...we'll see if i'm right!

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  1. You think Desiree goes home? I don't know... They seem to have good chemistry. I like her and Lindsey. We shall see next week!

  2. I thought it was wierd Lesley didnt have a night part of the date too. I think he knew he was sending her home before the date started so he just didn't plan one. Tierra being gone. Praise all goodness in the world! Catherine, i can't believe she was upset Lesley went home.

  3. AHH I can't wait for next week's episode. I'm curious to see what goes down with Desiree's brother and Sean! I absolutely adore Sean's sister though. I even follow her blog haha. She gives some good insight to the show- Check it out!

  4. I love your Bachelor recaps!! Can't believe how addicted I am to this's crazy!!

  5. Hi Emma! I'm SO glad I found your blog (and am now following!) are seriously the CUTEST. And yay, you're moving to Texas! You're going to love it :) I've lived here all my life and may be a bit biased but I think you'll enjoy the friendliness in these parts. And thank gooooooodness Tierra is gone...what a crazy, b*tchy girl! This is a great recap :)