Thursday, February 21, 2013

bachelor breakdown #7

this is pretty much how i feel when i blog about #thebachelor...


first hometown date w/ ashlee
did i just hear them say two-night event? again??? - what is she wearing? - his eyebrows are nonexistent - she is so intense - i'm bored - her dad is the sweetest!

second hometown date w/ catherine
"i like the way he looks at me" awww - why are they doing this? - they're just big ole goofballs - aaand her grandma steals the show - her sisters are ruining this

third hometown date w/ lindsey
she looks super cute - bahaha i don't even know what to do with this army scene! - he's freaking out about meeting her dad - sean needs a new hairstyle - i wish we saw more of the brother...

fourth hometown date w/ desiree
she's getting sporty - he doesn't look hike-ready - "i just wanna make out"... nice - i'm so confused... is she playing a prank on him? - her brother = no words - THIS IS AWKWARD

rose ceremony
he really likes all four... i feel bad :( - i don't know what's going to happen!!! - i love how its down to all brunettes - i feel like i could cry - poor thing in her tiny dress - this is so depressing... it's only going to get harder and harder to see them leave


sean tells all
i can't believe the brother originally liked him! - we know, one-armed sarah, it's all you could talk about - eskimo & butterfly kisses? these people stop at nothing - sean eating the brownie! hahaha - he's selfish, he wants the girls to focus on him instead of tierra - "i did a really good job of affirming her" until the night i broke her heart... - i feel like he doesn't really "get" catherine

...another week full of sean lowe and his awkward shower scenses,
another reminder of how thankful i am to have already found my man!
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  1. Wasn't the brother horrible?! But really..he must be on something to have said all of those nice things at first haha. I sometimes wonder how many hours of my life I have spent watching this show over the past few years..eeek. Glad I stumbled on your blog, so cute! Definitely following along now :)


  2. Amen to your last statement!!! Just so lucky to have found our men! What a disaster this show is…but I just love it so much!!! Love the recaps. Always make me laugh!

  3. Just came across your blog and I'm obsessed!!!

  4. I adore the bachelor, but I'm ready to mute Sean every times he says "I'm crazy about her/you". Enough already Sean!

  5. Catherines sisters def didnt help! neither did Dez's brother, yikes!

  6. I am officially confused with who Sean really likes.. and still thankful he sent Tierra home last week! Love your blog! So happy I came across it!

  7. Oh the Bachelor... what a season this has turned out to be!! Those shower scenes are so awkward!!