Tuesday, February 12, 2013

falling behind

do you ever feel like you're falling behind?
like you keep trying to get "caught up" but it's just out of reach?

i've been feeling that way lately.
i'm not sure how it started... but now each day i feel like i'm barely surviving.
which some of you may know, if you've sent me an email recently
because, chances are, i haven't responded yet - sorry!

i get up as late as possible each morning, rush to get ready for work, and just make it on time.
i work all day (sometimes not even taking a lunch break)
and then drive home right as it's getting dark.
i'm starving and exhausted and it's all i can do to change in to comfy clothes and lay down.

some nights i watch a show - look here for a bachelor recap tomorrow -
some nights i go to dinner with friends, or to a new bible study that i joined,
and every night i'm ready to turn my light out by 10 o'clock.

 i'm too tired to write a blog post, i'm too tired to clean my room
(which, in case you're wondering, looks like it was hit by a tornado),
i'm definitely too tired to do anything related to wedding planning.

...so what do i do now?
do you guys have any helpful hints for getting back on the horse?

 i'm usually the kind of person who has my life under control,
and feeling this way has me freaking out a little.
the good news is (and this next realization is slightly pathetic)
 i have no plans this weekend, so i may use my time off to get "caught up" and feeling good.

hopefully i'm not the only crazy girl who this happens to!

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  2. Alright this is going to sound super random but have you had your thyroid checked? I went through a very similar stage in my life and finally went to the doctor (thinking I had mono) and it turned out my thyroid levels were low. Now I take medicine but whenever I run out and don't refill, I get very sluggish and wind up exhausted super easily. Just a thought. If that's not it, I say call in sick on a Monday and lay around all weekend long. Feel better!

  3. Emma, I love that you are so honest. Take an evening to enjoy yourself! Get your spunk and drive back and then hit it hard this weekend! Girl, I always feel like this about middle of the week through Friday so know that you are not alone. Also know that you can and will rebound! Just get out there and do it! :)

  4. I love your blog design, so cute! I feel that way sometimes too, honestly what I've discovered is you have to prioritize and of course it's important to get all the many things done that you need to, but I've learned how to wait to clean the kitchen until the next day or that it's okay to skip a day cooking dinner or writing a blog post and I try to not make myself do those extra things until I genuinely want to so that chores are not so terrible and those extra fun things stay fun and don't end up feeling like chores. Sorry this was long & rambling, it's a new realization I've come to & it's really helped me :)

    new follower!


  5. I can seriously relate, sweet girl! I feel like such a worn out grandma sometimes because I can't keep my head up or eyes open after 10pm on a weeknight. I've found that drinking lots of water in the morning helps wake me up and taking certain vitamins helps keep me going! I take vitamin B, D, and a multi vitamin every single day (plus a few others, but those are necessary)! Sending prayers and hugs your way that things get better :)

  6. Emma, I have been in your shoes before. At my last job I felt the same way, and lived for the weekends. As long as you are happy, keep doing what you are doing. This busy time will pass, but if you are not happy then that is when it is time to reevaluate.

  7. Visiting from Heart Shaped Sweat. Yes! I'm sorry you've been feeling this way, but it DEF happens. Especially when we're running on all cylinders for an extended period of time! Weekends with no plans really are the best (not LAME) Get caught up on some sleep this weekend and other things. I find that when a couple things are out of control or "behind" I can handle it, but when it seems to be everything I can easily mentally and emotionally swing out of control because it is so overwhelming. I try to be really careful about "scheduling" in down-time and I find that if I make myself get up in the morning (even it it means 20 or 30 minutes less sleep) and do one thing to get organized for the day I feel a lot better. Oh and coffee. Even just 15 minutes with coffee and my Bible and quiet in the morning can make a huge difference because I don't start my day off feeling like I'm "behind" or stressed.

  8. Oh and by the way- your wedding binder is fabulous! I had basically the same thing.

  9. I think we all fall behind, I know everything seems harder this time of year for me!

  10. I just wanted to say I feel this way ALWAYS -- even before I had a kiddo. I would sleep until 830 when I had to be at work at 9...leave in a flurry...work all day... get home at 630.... eat...sleep... no time for anything else. I found that I just HAD to force myself to get up early... bribe myself with candy, or blog time, or happy hour after work. It was really hard and I still never got it perfect.