Friday, February 8, 2013

if you're famous, i will find you

hi, i'm emma
and i am a stalker.
(hiii emma!)

anyone who knows me, knows this fact all too well.
if there is a famous person anywhere within a 10 mile radius, i will go out of my way to find them.

what's that you say? you want proof?
well, hold on to your keyboard, folks. it's picture time.

1) circa 2008, some friends and i heard that america's darling, aka amanda bynes,
(before she went all pink hair and drunk driving crazy)
was in town filming her latest movie.
naturally we found the movie set, stood there until we saw her, then attacked and demanded a picture.

forgive the bad quality... cameras weren't as nice back then

her words to us? "wow, it's so nice to meet fans my own age"
in other words: you guys are way too old to be stalking me. but we didn't care.

2) around this same time, another well-known face happened to end up in our neck of the woods.
it was none other than the teen skateboarding sensation
who was notoriously "just trying to live his life" while being filmed for his own reality series.
that's right... ryan sheckler from "life of ryan"

yes, i'm wearing a shirt that isn't mine complete with american eagle shorts

we also met his friends & family, and i gave my phone number to one of them.
but you know what's so surprising?
i never got a call asking me to come join them on the show!
they must have misplaced those digits.

3) the next one was by accident, so i can't really take credit,
but i will anyway. 
one brody jenner happened to dine at a table near me
during spring break my freshman year of college.

 chillin' like a villian in PCB

i asked if i could take a picture with him,
but his publicist quickly turned me down, so this was the best i could do.

4) this last one is a youtube sensation,
and if you don't know who he is, i suggest you research him immediately.
mattyb will blow your socks off with his
i'm-even-younger-than-justin-bieber voice and dance moves.

 again, don't mind my outfit

i made him promise he would remember me forever,
and something tells me that he actually will.

5) honorable mention (i didn't get a picture, unfortunately):

ellie goulding - i've seen her twice in concert,
and the first time was right when her first cd came out,
and she wasn't huge yet... how cool am i?
anyway, after the show ended i decided that i HAD to get backstage and meet her.
so i poked around a few doors that i shouldn't have
and ended up in in a hallway where the dressing rooms were.
i looked into one and there was ellie... sitting 10 feet away from me.
about this time a guard realized what i was up to and told me (in a british accent)
"that i really shouldn't be back here".
so i yelled out "you did great tonight!"
and she replied "thank you!"
...and i'll remember it for the rest of my life.

that, my friends, is the end of the list (for now)
but you can bet your bottom dollar that i'll find more in the years to come.

have you met anyone famous???

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  1. That's exciting! I've never met anybody famous. Figures that Brody's publicist would say no!

  2. I would have been SO excited to meet Amanda circa 2008. And I use to think that Ryan was absolutely adorable. How dare they not have called you!

  3. So cool!! I have met Matt Lauer (SUCH a nice guy!!) and Matthew Broderick (I love Ferris Bueller!).

  4. oh my gosh, in my teen years i was OBSESSED with Ryan Sheckler so i am very impressed you got to meet him! Living in Western Australia famous people are a major rarity haha.


  5. Oh my gosh, this is AWESOME! I had the biggest crush on Ryan Sheckler when Life of Ryan was on! And Brody Jenner? Be still, my MTV lovin' heart! I wrote a while back about how I stalked Ryan Gosling one night...but alas I did not get to meet him, haha.

  6. That is so neat! I would love to meet any of them especially Ryan Sheckler! Mattyb is so adorable and kids got talent!

  7. This is amazing! Though I'm not so shocked Brody Jenner was a turd... given that great fam he's involved with an all. ;) I'm so super jealous of your fan encounters, though, for real! I've met exactly zero celebs. Although Tom Cruise did walk into Nobu in NYC once, right past the table where we were eating! But I was 14 and too embarrassed for my mom to go ask him for a picture. He might be a cray, but you don't just let a moment like that pass you by! Haha

  8. That is amazing. One time the hubby and I were on vacay in Boston to watch the Milwaukee Brewers play the Red Sox. Somehow we ended up staying at the same hotel as the entire Brewers team. Late one we we happened to stumble into the hotel bar (after a long day of drinking) and sure enough a bunch of players were in there. My fav player (Ryan Braun) was getting up to leave, I literally chased him through the hotel lobby & threw my camera at my hubby so he could "take my pic with my boyfriend Ryan"... he did. :-) Love it!

    Happy Friday!

  9. I never meet anyone! My life sucks! I used to watch that Ryan Scheckler show allll the time. I clearly need you a life! I found you from Alexa & I am so glad I did!

  10. Wow you're lucky, I have never met a celebrity!
    And it seems like they just happened to be in your neck of the woods.
    That's so awesome!
    I'm glad I found your blog, so cute! Following :)

    Take a Walk in Our Shoes

  11. I'm dying!!! This is so funny. You're adorable! :)

  12. I've never met anyone famous, sadly! I love your blog, just found it through Jesslyn's blog!

  13. You have good luck... or just awesome stalking skills. lol

  14. Oh my goodness, that is so awesome that you got to meet all those celebrities! I have never met one!

    Would you be interested in doing a button swap with me?
    If you want to you can grab my button from my page and then let me know and I'll grab yours!

  15. You are lucky!!

    We met Kevin Costner and Courtney Kerr when we were in Dallas over the fall. It was prettty amazing!

  16. Ok, I've always secretly really like Brody Jenner. So glad I knew about him Pre-Kardashians. I am also a HUGE ellie goulding fan! You need to spend some time in Austin. Plenty of star stalking there!!!

  17. Omg I love that you do this and I am so jealous that you met Ryan Scheckler. My 16 year old self loved him!

    I ate lunch next to Scott Baio one day and Beyonce's office is next to mine so once in a while, I will see a huge group of paparazzi and her hair in the middle of the crowd.

    My biggest one is a Jenner as well! I held the door for Kris Jenner a few months ago and then hoped she would get in my elevator, but she went to the elevators that go to the higher floors in my office building.

  18. Such a funny post! A few summers ago, the city I worked in was attracting a ton of big movies such as Scream 4, a movie Miley Cyrus made called LOL, and a movie directed by David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends), so though I never met any of these people, I saw Hayden Pannetierre, David Schwimmer and a few other people from those movies, lol. It's so funny how quickly a girl can become starstruck!

  19. Haha I love Amanda's comment to you! And you are my hero for poking around to go find Ellie Goulding! xoxo!


  20. Wow! You weren't kidding!
    I'm surprised Brody wasn't the one to turn down the picture. He seems like he'd be a douche in real life.

    And poor Amanda Bynes...