Monday, February 4, 2013

monday, again?

really? it's already time to start another week?
does anyone else feel like the weekdays are all starting to run together?

it's just that my weekends are sooo wonderful...
even when i do absolutely nothing (as i did this weekend).

then i come back to work, where everything is always the same
(except that i'm wearing some slightly different variation of flats, work pants, and a top)
and it makes me want to whine and complain to anyone who will listen.

basically, my weekend consisted of stalking blogger per usual,
being featured on the browse
and freaking out so much that my family probably thought i had won the lottery.

eating this delicious food:

watching this amazing sunset:

popping advil like an addict:
(my throat has been really sore lately... i'm blaming this procedure)

& of course, having a huge crush on this lady:

sounds exciting, right?!?
well, to me it was a perfectly lazy few days,
and sometimes those are the best days.

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  1. Is it sad that my favorite part of the weekend is going out to eat? Those food pictures looks delicious. Ha!

  2. Kudos on The Browse feature!! It was definitely a "comment worthy" post :)

  3. I love bugging co-workers. Time goes by faster! Congrats on being featured on the browse!

  4. Yes, Beyonce... definitely rocked it last night. I even told my hubby that I am totally jealous that I don't have dance moves like her. She is fierce for sure. And holy goodness, that food looks delish!

  5. Congrats on being featured in the Browse! How fun :) that sunset is amazing as are lazy days! One day down, 4 more to go!!

  6. hahaha beyonce KILLED it last night!
    so its pretty normal to have a crush :)

    The DayLee Journal

  7. My weeks seem to go by so fast, yet so slow. Every day I just focus on getting to the end of it, then the night goes by quick. Then the rest of the days are the same! Finally, the weekend comes and goes in a flash and I'm back at square one. Week after week...

    Oh well, maybe one day when I get to do something awesome with my life I won't be like that! lol

  8. I mean, Beyonce. Seriously. I want to be her in my next life.

  9. Twins it is!! Ahhh love your blog :)

  10. That sunset is amazing and beyonce is a hottie! Can you believe she popped a baby outta that perfect body?! I can't..