Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the truth comes out...

yesterday, people guessed which of my facts was a lie:

7 people said #1
2 people said #2
4 people said #3

the truth is...

#2 (both my mom and my dad were the first in their family to graduate from college) is a lie!
all 4 of my grandparents also graduated from college.

i'm happy i was able to trick so many of you though ;)

#1 (i lived in china for three weeks) is true!
i went the summer after my junior year of college with people from my major.

i took this of the great wall

me & 2 besties that i made on the trip

#3 (my house is currently being scouted as a commercial location) is also true!

who wouldn't want this sunset?

unfortunately, yesterday we found out that our house was not picked :(

my mom is blaming me...

what can i say? i warned you guys that i was really good at this game.
thanks for guessing!

 photo signaturecopy_zps0650f770.jpg


  1. what kind of commercial were they looking to film?

  2. HAHA i love that text from your mom that's hilarious!

  3. So cool you were able to have the experience living in China...and also SUPER cool that all your grandparents graduated from college :)

    Your Mom's text was awesome..LOL

  4. That was such a fun post! Love the photos!!! Not a single one of my grandparents went to college. That is amazing! Good for them!

  5. The purple thong does it every time!! And I'm so jealous of your travels to China!

  6. I need to hear your stories about China! Like I said yesterday, I'm legit terrified to go there and I have no idea why! Haha. You did such a good job of convincing most of us of your lie! :)

  7. Wow that's an incredible sunset! Is that Florida or Texas? I wish I would've seen your little game earlier... i hope it's not too long before you do another so I can play! :)

  8. What a beautiful sunset! And how awesome to get to spend that much time in China...I dream of traveling!

  9. That sunset is to die for! Seriously, I hope I'm lucky enough to live somewhere that always has sunsets that beautiful!
    Also, I nominated your for the Leibster Award on my blog!

  10. Wow! Three weeks in China! Where all did you go? My husband and I visited Beijing and Xian for a week back when we were living in Guam and all kinds of cool travel places were a short flight away.

    New follower and fellow Texan!