Friday, March 29, 2013

spring cleaning

i'm jumping on the bandwagon here and posting pictures of my closet.
the only problem is i don't have any "before" pictures, so this is all you get:
pretty imressive, huh?

why am i doing this?
because this weekend i threw out (no lie here)
at least 50 items of clothing.

it's actually absurd that i had to much to get rid of,
but i feel so much better now that it's gone!

you'll probably think i'm crazy, but in order to do this,
i tried on everything i own.

every dress, shirt, skirt, tank top, and bathing suit.
every pair of pants and shoes.

yes, it was exhausting, but it was so worth it.
not only was i able to get rid of things that don't fit
(or that i just know i'll never wear),
i was also reminded of how many things i have that i DO like!

so, if you haven't already, i encourage each of you to
get your "spring clean" on and tackle that closet.

...i promise you'll feel better afterwards.
and you might even reward yourself with a shopping spree :)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

wedding planning

as i mentioned the other day,
my wedding is now less than 4 months away.

this fact is both incredibly exciting
(i'd get married tomorrow if i could!)
and incredibly daunting.

i literally lay awake at night thinking about
everything that has to be done between now and then.

however, i did have a moment of clarity the other day...
i sat down with this pile in front of me,

(which i did eventually conquer, as you can see)

and i realized something:

this is the only time in my life that i will be planning my own wedding.

it sounds simple, but this fact is one that has eluded me until now.
 i've been so consumed with making sure everything gets booked,
that i haven't stopped to think about what's really happening.

i am planning my. own. wedding.
this event will never happen again!

one day, when andrew and i are already married,
 we'll look back and remember what it was like to be engaged.

which means, i need to start treating everyone involved in this process with respect.
mostly meaning, him and my mother.

they have both been so helpful in keeping me sane and on track.
i can't imagine doing it without them!

we have made great progress, and although there is a still long way to go,
i have faith that it will all get done.


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Monday, March 25, 2013

my first run

on saturday, i ventured outside for my first run in years.
almost 5 years, to be exact.

i had no idea what to expect...
would i die immediately?
would i be able to run for miles?

turns out, i was somewhere in between.

most awkward selfie i've ever posted...

basically, i started out feeling super excited and proud of myself,
and i ended up feeling pretty exhausted and unsure.

i forgot how hard running is! especially mentally.
it's all about pushing yourself, even when you don't want to.

so i'll get back out there tomorrow, or the next day,
and attempt to do it again (hopefully with fewer "walk breaks").

i did want to ask though,
what are you guys' favorite jams to run to???
a good song can give me the motivation to keep going,
so i need to build an incredible playlist.

help a sista out and let me know ;)

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Friday, March 22, 2013

my love affair... with food

sooo i think it's time i get something off my chest here.
time to just be super open and honest with you guys.

promise you'll still be my friend?

i have an all-consuming love affair

...with food.

seriously, though, this is not a joke.
eating delicious food is one of the highlights of my life.

this is what happens when you google "delicious food"

if this sounds strange or pathetic to you,
you should probably go ahead and stop reading.

the thing is, people always say "emotional eating is bad"
but eating is always emotional for me...

if something tastes good, i'm incredibly happy,
and if something doesn't taste good, i'm incredibly disappointed.
& i don't see this changing anytime soon.

which leads me to my next point...


how am i supposed to "diet" when i feel this way about food?
it feels like i'm cutting a most beloved friend out of my life.

please disregard the creepy woman above

most days, i don't even have the strength to try.
do you guys feel this internal struggle?

which means that my "diet" (which i wanted to start around new years)
has been a complete and utter FAILURE.

...but i don't think it's my fault.
it's all food's fault.

1) for being so delicious that i don't want to resist.
2) for loving me and not wanting me to leave it behind
as i venture onward to a healthier lifestyle.

i mean, what would you do?
(besides "get up off your feet and let go of every excuse"... city high, anyone?)

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

so little time

i can't believe...

...that my wedding is exactly 4 months from today.
so much to do, so little time!!!

...that my little sister turned 20 yesterday,
and that she's so much hotter than me.

back when we first switched hair colors

...that i only have 50 actual workdays left in my current job,
and that i have no idea what my next job will be.

...that i've had a blog for almost 5 months now,
and that i actually keep up with it (and love it).

...that 2 years ago today, i could never have guessed
what my life would be like now!
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NSB, i love you

this weekend, i went to the beach.
if you know me at all, you know this is a very common occurence.

my beach of choice has always been New Smyrna, or NSB.
if you've never been (which is probably the case)
you need to do yourself a favor and plan a trip.

looks nice, right?

BUT i must warn you, it's not a fancy place.
a casual place? yes.
a relaxed place? definitely.
a place where you will find more locals and retirees than vacation-goers? you betcha.

for me, this works out just fine.
i can basically live like a cave-woman and no one judges me.

i don't brush my hair or put on makeup when i'm there.
going barefoot is not only acceptable, but expected.
in many a dining joint, you will find patio chairs used as indoor furniture.

see? no makeup for me!

and i'm okay with all of this.

more than okay, actually. i thrive on it.
i'm at my happiest when i can walk the beach uninterrupted by spring breakers.
when the only exercise available is shuffleboard.
when places still insist you pay with cash.
(okay, that is a slight nuisance, but... you see where i'm going here)

as long as i can still get delicious food and drinks, i'm in heaven.
so andrew and i spent our weekend doing just that...
in addition to sleeping in, and trying to enjoy the not-quite-warm-enough weather.

in conlusion:
i'm a certified grandma,
but i don't care because i just wish this was my everyday life.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

"brain is fried" friday

yes, my brain is completely fried from the past 2 weeks of work.
so what you will get from me today is just some random thoughts.

first of all, i just remembered teddy geiger and laughed out loud.
why did i think he was so awesome???

For You I Will (Confidence) by Teddy Geiger on Grooveshark

secondly, i was so happy that yesterday's post made sense to people
and that i'm not alone in my crazy blog habits.

there were a few awesome additions in the comments: have the blogger and bloglovin apps on your phone - kiersten from good day sunshine have a note in your phone dedicated to jotting down post ideas - erin from two thirds hazel

i completely agree with those, as well!

so there you have it, folks.
2 things that made me smile on this brain mush friday :)

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

you know you're a blogger when... have a few draft posts saved at any given time
...ideas constantly run through your head regarding what you will post about the next day follow all your favorite bloggers on twitter see the letters "BLDG" on a sign and for a second your heart leaps
because you thought there was "BLOG SPACE AVAILABLE" fantasize about creating your own link-up know exactly how many comments you have
so you can tell when you've gotten (or not gotten) a new one've ever said the words "did you see what she wrote today?!?" take pictures of everything you eat
...your significant other asks "are you posting today?"
...your friends probably consider unfollowing you
on all forms of social media because you only talk about blogging look at people and think "i wonder if they have a blog" have to explain concepts like sponsoring & giveaways to your significant other bite the bullet and "claim" your blog on bloglovin (see link below) say things like "i'm guest posting on lacey's blog today - check it out!"
(which is actually true, and you should check it out)

basically, i am guilty of these and so many more,
and i hope you guys are too so i'm not the only one!

follow my blog with bloglovin

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

bachelor breakdown #10: FINALE

well, it's official:

sean is engaged to catherine

here's how it all went down:

- one of them is going to be so heartbroken :( :( :(
- i bet the letter is from his mom
- i'm so happy to be part of a "nationwide viewing party"... not
- shay's husband HAS to be a male model
- catherine is talking so fast
- tears are literally in my eyes because of sean's dad
- he's barefoot, hahaha
- i love lindsey's fashion
- the niece and nephew are freaking adorable!
- his dad is asking the tough questions
- oh my gosh he made me cry again!!! 
- oh, his sweet mom
- what is this secret, chris?!?
- what is sean wearing??? #somanyquestions
- lindsey's shorts are a leeetle tight
- why is she trying to rock a "pouf"?
- the way they act is like me and andrew :) 
- aw, he really cares about catherine! 
- they're both wearing purple 
- "...and dat's da troof" says ghetto sean 
- i love them together!!! 
- poor thing... i really feel bad
 - oh, are you with a studio audience? we had no idea
- so many beautiful diamonds
- it's time to get emotional
- i do not like lindsey's dress
- one is silver and the other's gold...
- lesley looks good now that she's not wearing as much makeup!
- why was any of that even a part of the show?
- the women tell all was last week, duh
- he truly cares about them both
- who knew she had a giant foot tattoo?!?
- he shouldn't have said "i love you"...
- tears are actually rolling down my face
- everyone in my family is crying

 oh, and she got the final rose too... in case you forgot this was a competition

- time to see them live!!!
- this is about to get crazy
- "take your shirt off" yells the audience... no thanks
- you can tell lindsey is still really sad :(
- chris just cut her off
- she's searching for answers that aren't there
- she is maybe the classiest girl ever
- catherine is a fan of the black lace dress
- "when i pictured him as an old man, i knew i wanted to be with him"
- he is so sincere in his love for her!

... so even though this season was highly entertaining,
i don't think i'll be watching sweet des on her quest for love.
they say all good things must come to an end,
and i just feel like it's time for my love affair with this show to be over.
(until sean & catherine's wedding airs, of course)

thanks for sticking with me this season as i recap-ed each episode.
i hope it was as much fun for you guys as it was for me!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

crush party

sooo i know i'm a little late to the party,
but i couldn't resist an opportunity to brag about my favorite bloggers!
we gotta support each other, right???

currently, i am crushing on...

julia from a blonde walked into a blog
i just have a feeling that we would be friends in real life.

kristen from all in my twenties
this girl has opinions, and she's not afraid to share them.

kasey from barely fabricated
if you don't laugh out loud while reading her posts, i don't know what's wrong with you.

raven from don't quote the raven
she is always herself, and it always puts a smile on my face.

jena from recently roached
another girl who makes me die laughing pretty much all the time.

lacey from sunny + turquoise
this newcomer has already stolen my heart.

now, most of these girls don't even know i exist,
but i guess that's the point of a crush, right???

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

GIVEAWAY (3rd of 3)

First, let me start by saying I LOVE NORDSTROM

They are the perfect mix of simplicity and class. So, this month I have teamed up with Marquis @ Simply Clarke and other amazing bloggers to GIVEAWAY a $300 Nordstom Gift Card to one lucky winner!

This will be great for Easter Dress shopping or accessories, a new handbag or new shoes. You could even get a ton of little things like make-up, Toms, or an iPhone case, etc. So many amazing possibilities! Take a look at what you could get: 

Marquis @ Simply Clarke / Hallie @ Life: Oceanside 
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1// Giveaway is open to US RESIDENTS 
2// Winner will be notified via email on Friday 3/22/13 or Saturday 3/23/13. You will have 48 hours from the timestamp on the email to respond, or a new winner will be chosen.
4// View the Terms & Conditions listed on the Rafflecopter below
this is it for me and giveaways for a while, folks enter while you can, and good luck!
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

bachelor breakdown #9

it's that time of the season, ladies and gents,
when all of the girls who have been dumped by our beloved sean lowe
gather together in one room in an effort to simultaneously
make him jealous and one up each other.

that's right... i'm talking about

i'm sooo ready for this - i don't know what i would have done if sean had come to my sorority house! - they all look worse than they did on the show... - everyone is going ombré - brooke gets feisty! - hahaha i don't think we were supposed to see that little backstage scene - what is tierra wearing?!? - i think she has amnesia - BOOM! i'm obsessed w/ brooke - lesley has redeemed herself in my eyes... now that sean's not around, she's not nervous - "you can control it a little bit" thank you, chris - that's a giant ring... - I LOVE SARAH!!! - i'll never get over desiree's brother saying "yo sean can i holla at you" - I LOVE DES! - she really needs to be the next bachelorette - i totally think ashlee is still in love with him - she is letting her crazy out, big time - this is so awkward...

- what happens in the fantasy suite, stays in the fantasy suite, apparently - "which of these women will become his wife?" probably neither, considering only 3 of 25 bachelor/bachelorette couples have actually gotten married - "fireworks are going off in my heart" oh, catherine - i need to know who sends the damn note - oh my gosh THAT DOG!, there you have it. my second to last recap of the season.
and by recap, i do mean stream of conscious thoughts.

even though i've read spoilers about who wins,
i couldn't be more excited for the finale!
and "after the final rose" of course, to see how the couple is doing now,
assuming they're still together.

until next week!
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Monday, March 4, 2013

bragging a little

sooo i just have to say, my birthday last week was incredible.
i feel like i could go on & on & on, but i don't think people care that much...
 so i'll just give you the basics:

my birthday was wednesday.

i got flowers from the boys that i work with (so sweet!)
i got a card from my office,
and we all got to eat together at seasons 52
where i got a free dessert :)

then i got my nails done w/ my favie, kendahl
(whose blog i am guest posting on today... check it out!)
and had my favorite dinner ever w/ my mom: jade bistro.
then my family came home
and we celebrated by stuffing our faces with snickers cheesecake.

on friday, andrew came to see me!
we went to a concert that night (his birthday present to me)
and it was INCREDIBLE.
if you're not a dubstep fan, you may think we're crazy,
but we saw paper diamond & excision... i was in heaven.

finally, i celebrated last night w/ the girls
at a delicious restaurant on park avenue.
it was so good to see everyone (and get more sweet cards!)
and i got another free dessert :)

what can i say? the people in my life are just incredible
and yes, that's the third time i've said that word during this post... but who's counting?
my faith in birthdays has been restored... i'm even looking forward to next year!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

i want to be inspired

this song.
last night as i was driving home from work this song spoke to me.

 if you don't know, it's from the ending of the movie inception
(which, if you haven't seen, RUN don't walk
to your nearest "movies on demand" channel and rent it).

i'm not going to give away the ending, but it's a very moving scene,
and it got me thinking about life.

and i realized...

i want to be inspired.

i want to find my passion.
i want to do that which is an innate part of my being.
i want to be creative.

the only problem is... i have zero creative skills.

i can't draw, paint, cook, bake, or take photos to save my life.

i love to sing & dance (like, really love)
but i'm not good enough at either to make something out of them.

the only things i've ever been good at are writing, speaking and organizing,
which do not necessarily lend themselves to the kind of life i am imagining right now.

i am imagining incredible actors/actresses,
who are able to fully commit to every role.
i am imagining composers,
who wake up one morning with a perfect melody in mind.
i am imagining children,
who know at such a young age what they were born to do.

i know these people are rare, but so what?
..why can't one of them be me?
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