Wednesday, March 13, 2013

bachelor breakdown #10: FINALE

well, it's official:

sean is engaged to catherine

here's how it all went down:

- one of them is going to be so heartbroken :( :( :(
- i bet the letter is from his mom
- i'm so happy to be part of a "nationwide viewing party"... not
- shay's husband HAS to be a male model
- catherine is talking so fast
- tears are literally in my eyes because of sean's dad
- he's barefoot, hahaha
- i love lindsey's fashion
- the niece and nephew are freaking adorable!
- his dad is asking the tough questions
- oh my gosh he made me cry again!!! 
- oh, his sweet mom
- what is this secret, chris?!?
- what is sean wearing??? #somanyquestions
- lindsey's shorts are a leeetle tight
- why is she trying to rock a "pouf"?
- the way they act is like me and andrew :) 
- aw, he really cares about catherine! 
- they're both wearing purple 
- "...and dat's da troof" says ghetto sean 
- i love them together!!! 
- poor thing... i really feel bad
 - oh, are you with a studio audience? we had no idea
- so many beautiful diamonds
- it's time to get emotional
- i do not like lindsey's dress
- one is silver and the other's gold...
- lesley looks good now that she's not wearing as much makeup!
- why was any of that even a part of the show?
- the women tell all was last week, duh
- he truly cares about them both
- who knew she had a giant foot tattoo?!?
- he shouldn't have said "i love you"...
- tears are actually rolling down my face
- everyone in my family is crying

 oh, and she got the final rose too... in case you forgot this was a competition

- time to see them live!!!
- this is about to get crazy
- "take your shirt off" yells the audience... no thanks
- you can tell lindsey is still really sad :(
- chris just cut her off
- she's searching for answers that aren't there
- she is maybe the classiest girl ever
- catherine is a fan of the black lace dress
- "when i pictured him as an old man, i knew i wanted to be with him"
- he is so sincere in his love for her!

... so even though this season was highly entertaining,
i don't think i'll be watching sweet des on her quest for love.
they say all good things must come to an end,
and i just feel like it's time for my love affair with this show to be over.
(until sean & catherine's wedding airs, of course)

thanks for sticking with me this season as i recap-ed each episode.
i hope it was as much fun for you guys as it was for me!

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  1. You forgot, Lindsey takes off her heels as she walks away. Win for Lindsey!!

  2. haha love it! my love affair isn't over for this's only just begun...what have I gotten myself into?

  3. I know, her giant foot tattoo was a shock to me! Little baby voice, tatted up Lindsey...

  4. I'm not super excited about Des being the Bachelorette either (even though I'm sure I'll get sucked in like I always do). But I will, for sure, be watching Sean/Catherine's wedding!!!

  5. I totally had to rewind the show to see if that was a tattoo on her foot or not! I really liked both girls but sean and catherine seemed so genuinely in love. Hope it actually lasts!

  6. Although I love Lindsay, I was leaning more towards Catherine (and its not just because I cheated and looked up who had one a few months ago :)). Des being the Bachelorette isn't my favorite but I've said the same thing about other Bachelorettes and have still gotten sucked into it!!

  7. You know Sean's sister Shay is a blogger right? I love reading her recaps & thoughts on the whole thing. She did an amazing post on the trip to Thailand -

  8. Will be interesting to see if these two last!! I am not a fan of dez but im sure ill watch

  9. Haha love this recap! I definitely though the big announcement was going to be a pregnancy or something, not just a televised wedding! Still gonna watch it :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day :)

    The Hartungs Blog

  10. so funny! i pretty much summed it up the same way! i also thought the letter would be from his mom, but i was wrong as well. ;) love the blog!