Wednesday, March 6, 2013

bachelor breakdown #9

it's that time of the season, ladies and gents,
when all of the girls who have been dumped by our beloved sean lowe
gather together in one room in an effort to simultaneously
make him jealous and one up each other.

that's right... i'm talking about

i'm sooo ready for this - i don't know what i would have done if sean had come to my sorority house! - they all look worse than they did on the show... - everyone is going ombré - brooke gets feisty! - hahaha i don't think we were supposed to see that little backstage scene - what is tierra wearing?!? - i think she has amnesia - BOOM! i'm obsessed w/ brooke - lesley has redeemed herself in my eyes... now that sean's not around, she's not nervous - "you can control it a little bit" thank you, chris - that's a giant ring... - I LOVE SARAH!!! - i'll never get over desiree's brother saying "yo sean can i holla at you" - I LOVE DES! - she really needs to be the next bachelorette - i totally think ashlee is still in love with him - she is letting her crazy out, big time - this is so awkward...

- what happens in the fantasy suite, stays in the fantasy suite, apparently - "which of these women will become his wife?" probably neither, considering only 3 of 25 bachelor/bachelorette couples have actually gotten married - "fireworks are going off in my heart" oh, catherine - i need to know who sends the damn note - oh my gosh THAT DOG!, there you have it. my second to last recap of the season.
and by recap, i do mean stream of conscious thoughts.

even though i've read spoilers about who wins,
i couldn't be more excited for the finale!
and "after the final rose" of course, to see how the couple is doing now,
assuming they're still together.

until next week!
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  1. AshLee is a freakin' nut IMO and she let it SHINE on Monday. Obviously she has been through alot, but I couldn't handle her much more.

  2. AshLee was SO weird last night!! Get over it! She is just a sore loser.

  3. yeah, AshLee was like wigging me out. Like a totally different person! Cray cray.

  4. nice recap and so on point! IT was a little crazy in that studio!

    I keep trying to convince people to fly to Southern California for a finale party...are you in or what? :)

  5. Haha I love that this is basically a jumbled recap of everything you were thinking for two hours. I like Des but I don't feel like we got to know her enough to be the bachelorette then again I don't see any other options...

  6. Oh my goodness...LOVED this! My husband and I watch the bachelor...too fun to miss!

  7. I LOVE the bachelor. I need to know who sends the note too. I'm freaking out about it. Like...REALLY freaking out.


  8. I agree, Ashlee looks much worse here... and it ages her

  9. Okay, agree about Des.... she needs to be the next Bachelorette! And, I really like Lesley (blonde) she has a great personality. If only she weren't so shy. And what is up with AshLee?! Psycho! That was by far the most awkward moment in Bachelor history. You could tell NO ONE knew what to say or do! As far as the note.... I think it has to be from Catherine. She's seemed shocked and unhappy the last few times during rose ceremonies. I can't wait for Monday night!

  10. What was wrong with the color of AsHLee's legs??