Monday, March 4, 2013

bragging a little

sooo i just have to say, my birthday last week was incredible.
i feel like i could go on & on & on, but i don't think people care that much...
 so i'll just give you the basics:

my birthday was wednesday.

i got flowers from the boys that i work with (so sweet!)
i got a card from my office,
and we all got to eat together at seasons 52
where i got a free dessert :)

then i got my nails done w/ my favie, kendahl
(whose blog i am guest posting on today... check it out!)
and had my favorite dinner ever w/ my mom: jade bistro.
then my family came home
and we celebrated by stuffing our faces with snickers cheesecake.

on friday, andrew came to see me!
we went to a concert that night (his birthday present to me)
and it was INCREDIBLE.
if you're not a dubstep fan, you may think we're crazy,
but we saw paper diamond & excision... i was in heaven.

finally, i celebrated last night w/ the girls
at a delicious restaurant on park avenue.
it was so good to see everyone (and get more sweet cards!)
and i got another free dessert :)

what can i say? the people in my life are just incredible
and yes, that's the third time i've said that word during this post... but who's counting?
my faith in birthdays has been restored... i'm even looking forward to next year!

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  1. What a fun birthday week/(weekend?) That cheesecake looks amazing! :)

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    Just found your cute blog...I was born in florida and moved to texas(grew up there most my life, but florida is/has always been my first home).

    *following you now :)

  3. Hey Emma! Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend!

    I emailed you on Kendahl's guest post...when you get a chance could you email me back on it. I'm suppose to guest post tomorrow and can't get logged on. :/


  4. What an action packed birthday! Sounds like fun! And your ring is gooorgeous!

  5. Looks like it was a great birthday! Hope you enjoyed it! xoxo

  6. Sounds like an amazing (and long lived!) celebration!

  7. Freak yeah I care how your birthday went!! Happy birthday, darlin! So glad you had a perfect time.