Friday, March 1, 2013

i want to be inspired

this song.
last night as i was driving home from work this song spoke to me.

 if you don't know, it's from the ending of the movie inception
(which, if you haven't seen, RUN don't walk
to your nearest "movies on demand" channel and rent it).

i'm not going to give away the ending, but it's a very moving scene,
and it got me thinking about life.

and i realized...

i want to be inspired.

i want to find my passion.
i want to do that which is an innate part of my being.
i want to be creative.

the only problem is... i have zero creative skills.

i can't draw, paint, cook, bake, or take photos to save my life.

i love to sing & dance (like, really love)
but i'm not good enough at either to make something out of them.

the only things i've ever been good at are writing, speaking and organizing,
which do not necessarily lend themselves to the kind of life i am imagining right now.

i am imagining incredible actors/actresses,
who are able to fully commit to every role.
i am imagining composers,
who wake up one morning with a perfect melody in mind.
i am imagining children,
who know at such a young age what they were born to do.

i know these people are rare, but so what?
..why can't one of them be me?
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  1. Inception is probably the best movie I've ever seen. I LOVE that movie. The last scene is so gripping! Ah, love it.

    And you can be anything you want. I am so not creative but by golly I try. :)

  2. I am probably really weird for saying this, but I ADORE Hans Zimmer. I can seriously just listen to his songs for hours.

  3. I have been feeling this way for MONTHS! I think I let Pinterest, super seasoned bloggers and magazines intimidate me too much sometimes. We are surrounded by professional and perfect looking blogs, crafts, people, professionals, etc. all of the time! I'm working on trying my hand at everything and finding what makes me happy without focusing on whether I'm 'good' at it or not.

    You can do it, Emma! :o)

  4. Melissa's right. I've been feeling like this too and I think it's the blogs and Pinterest and all the other social networks that make us feel like this. I've been trying my hand at different things to find what I'm good, and not so good at. When you finally find that one thing that just "clicks" you'll know.

  5. I feel this way. I am a teacher and I love it but keep feeling like I am ment for more. What Idk? I am such a good planner but how do you start to a career with that. I feel like everyone tries to be a planner

  6. I love this post - and the song!

  7. I loving singing/dancing too - mostly in my living room with a hairbrush :)

    The Hartungs Blog

  8. Hi Emma! Glad to have you following - following back after reading this post! I think a lot of people feel this way. I have to say, it all starts with a hobby. You practice and practice and suddenly it's your passion. Being creative doesn't just happen, you have to be doing something for it to find you. I go through certain times where I'm feeling completely uninspired, and then I practice something I love doing, whether it be designing, writing, etc. and I'm uplifted again. I hope you find your passion because from reading this I think you definitely have a creative spirit!! xo