Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NSB, i love you

this weekend, i went to the beach.
if you know me at all, you know this is a very common occurence.

my beach of choice has always been New Smyrna, or NSB.
if you've never been (which is probably the case)
you need to do yourself a favor and plan a trip.

looks nice, right?

BUT i must warn you, it's not a fancy place.
a casual place? yes.
a relaxed place? definitely.
a place where you will find more locals and retirees than vacation-goers? you betcha.

for me, this works out just fine.
i can basically live like a cave-woman and no one judges me.

i don't brush my hair or put on makeup when i'm there.
going barefoot is not only acceptable, but expected.
in many a dining joint, you will find patio chairs used as indoor furniture.

see? no makeup for me!

and i'm okay with all of this.

more than okay, actually. i thrive on it.
i'm at my happiest when i can walk the beach uninterrupted by spring breakers.
when the only exercise available is shuffleboard.
when places still insist you pay with cash.
(okay, that is a slight nuisance, but... you see where i'm going here)

as long as i can still get delicious food and drinks, i'm in heaven.
so andrew and i spent our weekend doing just that...
in addition to sleeping in, and trying to enjoy the not-quite-warm-enough weather.

in conlusion:
i'm a certified grandma,
but i don't care because i just wish this was my everyday life.

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  1. this sounds absolutely PERFECT to me. seriously: a beach where i can just relax? not a ton of crazy things going on? yes please! and you look gorg sans makeup!

  2. that sounds like my kind of beach!! And exactly the kind we went to every summer growing up. Now I need a beach trip!!

  3. I love the idea of a relaxing beach...sound perfect for me too!!
    Found you from the link up :)

  4. Grandmas unite! I'll take a re;axed/no makeup trip any day over a fancy shmancy trip. The beach looks lovely!

  5. Bahaha I love this! Other travelers can be so annoying anyhow- take me somewhere peaceful, with great sangria, and lots of locals over a chaotic touristy place every time!

    My Travel Tuesday Post

  6. Those kind of vacations are the best!!

  7. This sounds like my kind of vacation!

  8. I wish it was nice enough in NC to hit the beach. We have had a few 70 days but this week its back to the 50's! Boos!

  9. The sangria looks super yummy!! Sounds like a relaxing spot!


  10. Hi Emma! Looks like I need to hit up NSB as my next vacation spot. Fort Myers Beach (closest to my home) is always packed with spring breakers. I've only been to the beach there during spring break four times and it was three times too many. Sanibel is my other, and usually better option. But now I have to check out NSB. Thanks!

  11. I'm totally catching up on all of your posts right now! I was in New Smyrna this past weekend and I'm supposed to be heading back on Sunday after a few days in St. Augustine. New Smyrna is exactly as you described it. Ah, love it!