Friday, March 29, 2013

spring cleaning

i'm jumping on the bandwagon here and posting pictures of my closet.
the only problem is i don't have any "before" pictures, so this is all you get:
pretty imressive, huh?

why am i doing this?
because this weekend i threw out (no lie here)
at least 50 items of clothing.

it's actually absurd that i had to much to get rid of,
but i feel so much better now that it's gone!

you'll probably think i'm crazy, but in order to do this,
i tried on everything i own.

every dress, shirt, skirt, tank top, and bathing suit.
every pair of pants and shoes.

yes, it was exhausting, but it was so worth it.
not only was i able to get rid of things that don't fit
(or that i just know i'll never wear),
i was also reminded of how many things i have that i DO like!

so, if you haven't already, i encourage each of you to
get your "spring clean" on and tackle that closet.

...i promise you'll feel better afterwards.
and you might even reward yourself with a shopping spree :)

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  1. This whole month was dedicated to cleaning out your closet on my blog!! You should totally go check it out! Your closet looks great! Don't you just love the feeling of accomplishing that?


  2. I really need to do this. Your closet looks so organized!

  3. I am currently just drooling over how BIG and ORGANIZED your closet is. I cannot even imagine how long that took to try on every piece of clothing. I really should do that. Looks awesome though!

  4. So organized, I love it!!! I have so many clothes that I can go through, that still have the price tag on them. Not because I dont like them but because they get thrown somewhere and then I forget about it. I'm just like you too, if I'm going to clean clothes, I have to try every single thing on!

  5. I've been doing the same thing. I have a HUGE basket of clothes to take to the resale boutique and to donate! Love your shoe organization.

    ~ Michelle

  6. I did the same last weekend because I am moving. But I didn't bother trying most of it on because I hadn't worn most of it in a loooong time.

  7. Your shoe organization rocks! I normally go through all of my clothes, shoes, etc, before each of our moves. I refuse to move things that I won't wear again!

  8. I need to do this so bad.... ugh!!! I always have a mental breakdown because I never know when I'll need something -- even though I darn well know I'll never wear it!

    1. I'm exactly the same way and it drives me so crazy!

  9. I love how well organized your closet is! I really should take tips from you! :)

  10. That def sounds tedious, but I should probably head to my closet and do the same thing. I would be mortified to show pics of how it looks now. Its a wonder I can even find anything that I need! Yours looks incredible! Now following via GFC!