Wednesday, March 27, 2013

wedding planning

as i mentioned the other day,
my wedding is now less than 4 months away.

this fact is both incredibly exciting
(i'd get married tomorrow if i could!)
and incredibly daunting.

i literally lay awake at night thinking about
everything that has to be done between now and then.

however, i did have a moment of clarity the other day...
i sat down with this pile in front of me,

(which i did eventually conquer, as you can see)

and i realized something:

this is the only time in my life that i will be planning my own wedding.

it sounds simple, but this fact is one that has eluded me until now.
 i've been so consumed with making sure everything gets booked,
that i haven't stopped to think about what's really happening.

i am planning my. own. wedding.
this event will never happen again!

one day, when andrew and i are already married,
 we'll look back and remember what it was like to be engaged.

which means, i need to start treating everyone involved in this process with respect.
mostly meaning, him and my mother.

they have both been so helpful in keeping me sane and on track.
i can't imagine doing it without them!

we have made great progress, and although there is a still long way to go,
i have faith that it will all get done.


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  1. I love how you are looking at this! I had a similar outlook and it made it a really great time. I would plan it all over again if I could. But I'm also probably crazy.

  2. amen girl! You'll get there! It's going to be awesome and the main part is at the end of the day you marry your best friend...It would drive me crazy when people would tell me that but it's true, it really is...

  3. oh this is so exciting!! and you are right it's hard to not treat the ones close to you- your fiance and mom kindly all the time!

  4. I had a very similar revelation a few weeks ago. I want to enjoy EVERY second of this!

  5. So excited for you! I got married a little over a year ago, and although I'd probably never want to do all the planning again. I do miss the excitement of it all! Like you said, you'll only be doing this once, so while it is EXTREMELY stressful, it's fun and exciting, so be sure to cherish these moments before they are gone!!


  6. Great way to look at it! That's what I kept thinking as I was planning my own wedding. I was super stressed and had a lot going on, but I kept thinking to embrace it because it goes by very fast, the night goes by in a blink of the eye, but everyone involved is around forever. It's tough to try and please everyone, but you can do it!

  7. I agree, great way to look at it! It's always stressful planning this day…you dream of it your whole life! Everything is going to perfect that day and when all is said and done none of the little things will even matter! It will be the best day of your life!

  8. Keep going girl! Every detail will be worth it soon!

  9. I love this post! You're so right... this will be the only time in our lives that we get to do this. That helps make it more fun and less stressful! And I totally get what you mean about treating your mom and fiance with respect... mine have definitely been the ones to receive the bulk of my crazy, unfortunately. This is a good reminder to take a step back and appreciate all of their help!