Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the time a dog sat on my face

if any of you follow me on twitter,
you may have seen this tweet on saturday...
and i feel like it deserves a little explanation:

basically, my sister and i decided to babysit on saturday night.
and the family has a large (like 150 lb) black lab.

well, i've made it know on here before, but i am not what people call a "dog person"...
so naturally, i was like STAY AWAY FROM ME, PLEASE.

anna, however thought the dog was "cute"
and called it over as soon as we had plopped all the boys on the couch for a movie.

what she didn't know is that it would leap into our laps,
i would scream at the top of my lungs,
i would try to burrow down into the couch,
and then this would happen:

the dog sat down on my face & head.
literally, it sat right down on me.

well, i was entirely traumatized,
but it was also one of the most hilarious things that has ever happened...
because who can ACTUALLY say that a giant dog has sat on their face???

this girl, that's who.

in the end, after i hid under a blanket for probably 30 minutes in recovery mode,
i was able to laugh about it (and tweet/text/blog about it),
so it wasn't a total failure of a situation...

but you can bet i will be taking precautions from now on
to ensure nothing like that ever happens again.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

calling all nineties kids!

so apparently i'm only posting twice this week,
which is pretty lame.

BUT this post will make up for it, promise!

i have stumbled across the best nineties montage ever.
not kidding.

take a look/listen and i think you'll see what i mean:

...am i right?!? sure makes me miss those days.

and with that, i hope you all have a wonderful, nineties-filled weekend :)

linking it up for #backthatazzup friday, of course!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

my one true (female) love

sooo i meant to write this post yesterday,
but i was suffering from a terrible case of the mondays.
it included heartache, exhaustion, and ugliness... woohoo!

anyways, nobody cares about that so let's get right down to it.
i've recently found my soul mate...
my female soul mate that is.

her name is haley and we are basically twins in every way.
here is our story:

as i've mentioned before, i joined a women's bible study back in january. haley did too.
i'm not exactly sure how... (aka i facebook messaged her)
but we decided to meet for coffee one night.

from then on, it went a little something like this:
  • become obsessed with each other.
  • acknowledge that we're obsessed with each other.
  • introduce her to snapchat so we can send selfies all day every day.
  • her husband becomes increasingly scared of me.
  • decide that it's time for a double date.
  • force our men to take us out on the town.
  • live happily ever after.
  • oh, and naturally...
    convince her to start a blog along the way so that we can constantly stalk each other.
    go show her some love people!
in conclusion, here is a picture of my other true (male) love,
along with my cute doggies,
so that this post isn't entirely too weird:

happy tuesday, everybody!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

fake song lyrics

everyone has those songs...
those songs you once didn't know the words to, so you were forced to improvise.

the thing is, those lyrics stick.
and years later, even once you've heard the correct lyrics a thousand times,
it will still be those wrong lyrics that slip out of your mouth.

these are my confessions examples:

shoo me haley
but it ain't no lie... baby, bye bye bye

you may hate me

Bye Bye Bye by *NSync on Grooveshark

rolling like a sue beverly
living in beverly hills

rolling like a celebrity

Beverly Hills by Weezer on Grooveshark

hold my breath as i pray for day
oh please god, wake me

hold my breath as i wish for death

One by Metallica on Grooveshark

...so naturally, i had to link all 3 of these songs up for #backthatazzup friday,
even though they're not your typical dance songs.

you can thank me later ;)

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


so like i mentioned on monday,
i went to a taylor swift concert this weekend,
and it's kind of embarrassing how much i loved it.
like, LOVED IT.

(can you guess what the album was called?)

it basically changed my entire perspective on her as a person...
which is so incredibly cheesy, but i don't care.

see? best friends!

the concert was just amazing:
her performance was spot on.
the stadium was packed (with mostly pre-teens and their moms).
the stage and back-up dancers were impressive.
the transitions between songs were creative.

but most importantly, her monologues were
genuine, funny, smart, self-deprecating, and relatable.
which i wouldn't have expected from one of the most famous people in the entire world.

am i creeping you out yet???

cheering on our best friend!

basically, i think you had to be there to fully understand the greatness,
but i left inspired by her and feeling like all was right in the world.

so thank you, t. swift, for restoring my faith...
in you, and in the fact that maybe some celebrities actually are real people,
who just happen to make it big.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

when your heart hurts

even though i have no immediate connection to boston,
the tragedy that happened there has saddened me more than i expected.

of course, i was heartbroken over the dark knight rises shooting.
of course, i was heartbroken over the sandy hook shooting.

but to have something so horrific happen for the third time this year,
i just feel like i'm at a loss.

how are there really people in this world who don't value human life at all?
who so carelessly end the lives of so many?

granted, only 3 people (that we know of)
perished in the attack yesterday,
but whoever planted the bombs was probably hoping for more.

does it get any more disturbing than that?

it also doesn't make sense that i'm still living my normal life...
while people were suffering horrible injuries yesterday,
i was driving home from work like nothing had happened.

but what can i do???

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Monday, April 15, 2013

how to date yourself 101

step 1: prepare for a fun night
by listening to a 90's pop pandora station.

step 2: send a snapchat to your friends everyone,
revealing that you are taking yourself on a date.

step 3: find a partner in crime,
who is equally willing to appreciate the finer things in life.

warning: people (your waitress) might think you're a couple.

step 4: treat yourself to the most fancy dinner you can get your hands on.
in my humble opinion, that would be the melting pot...


step 5: take yourself to a concert.
preferably one where you can be as girly and childish as you want.

(we chose tay swift, and an entire recap is coming tomorrow)

step 6: get into bed alone.
because obviously you do not have a date, and therefore get the entire bed to yourself ;)

bonus points if you don't wash your makeup off

step 7: (because it's a good number to end on) pat yourself on the back...
you have just enjoyed an incredible date night, courtesy of yourself.

linking up w/ weekend shenanigans

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Friday, April 12, 2013

blogger's very own

if you've been around here long,
you may have gathered that i love celebrities.

i love judging them, i love stalking them,
i love everything about them.

well, on wednesday night, i met another one.
that's right: blogger's very own whitney of i wore yoga pants to work.

we were joined by kendahl,
because she's also my bestie who i love with all my heart (duhz),
and we decided to hit up "wine down wednesday".

the night started out fairly normal...
we drank wine and chatted about work, mutual friends, blogging, etc.

then we headed to a different bar, where things took a turn for the crazy,
and i couldn't have been happier...

and it is happening again real soon.
that is all.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

our love story (part 1)

*come back tomorrow for a full blate recap*

hello lovely ladies!
(plus dad & andrew)

in honor of the fact that our wedding is now 100 days away,

i figured it was about time for a real love story around these parts.
i've touched on it before, but now i'm getting nitty gritty (that sounds creepy).

basically, there are a million reasons why andrew & i should have met before we did.
we had a bunch of the same friends freshman year
(he had actually BEEN IN my dormroom when i wasn't there to hang out with my roommate and some other people),
we frequented the same church,
and his parents had recently moved to florida (where i'm from).

but alas, we were destined to meet in the most unlikely of places:
dinosaurs class.
yes, you read that correctly... we both took a dinosaurs class.
it was supposed to be an easy elective, and (lucky for us)
wherever you sat on the second day was your seat for the rest of the semester.
we happened to end up right next to each other.

all that to say, we slowly became class friends.
we would check out what each other was browsing (him: reddit, me: nba),
we made fun of our teacher,
i even invited him to my 21st birthday party!
(he did not make an appearance though... jerk)
 everything changed, however, when easter weekend approached.
by this point, we had discussed our mutual florida homes,
and how we were both visiting them for the holiday.
andrew slyly suggested that we caravan
(which i quickly accepted, because i hated making the 8 hour drive alone)
but when the time came, we realized we should just ride in the same car
...to save gas money, of course!

and so our friendship was taken to another level.
 when you spend that many solitary hours with someone,
you pretty much learn everything about them.
he made me laugh (a lot) and i decided i wanted to see more of this kid.

luckily, he had decided the same thing, so when we returned from the trip,
we hung out (in groups, of course)
and then eventually had the stay-up-all-night-talking adventure.

unfortunately, i was leaving for a 3 week china trip (which i will discuss more later)
so we were only able to have one "real" date before i left.
BUT he wrote me an email every day that i was gone,
and it was pretty much the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me.

when i returned, we were inseparable.
it wasn't always perfect,
but we were committed to making it work.
when we finally decided to be "official", he took me on the best date i have ever been on.

we spent an entire year together at school before i had to graduate and move home :(
...our long-distance journey will have to wait for another day!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

good, bad, ugly #emmaedition

i'm following erin's example on this one,
because i think we should all acknowledge our imperfections once in a while!

1. i think i have a way of bringing humor to most situations...
even though sometimes it may not be appreciated.
2. when something needs to be done,
it will be done. and done to perfection.
3. i feel like i am finally making some healthy decisions in my life,
such as running and not eating as many desserts!

1. in my life, i have eaten more junk food than most people ever will...
so i have a lot to make up for.
2. i have never been an animal person,
and i realize that this makes a lot of people hate me.
3. i sleep wayyy more than the average person.
like probably an unhealthy amount, but i don't care :)

1. i don't shower nearly as often as i should...
let's just say days go by and leave it at that.
2. i got jaw surgery right after tenth grade,
and i pretty much refuse to look at pictures of myself before then.
3. i'm naturally a "dirty blonde", which really means "light brown"
so yes, i get my hair did every couple months. shhh!

...i completely agree that it's easy to own up to qualities we like in ourselves,
but not quite as easy when it comes to the things we don't like.

and now that it's all out there,
i'm hoping you guys can still accept me for who i really am!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

loving my lazy life

sooo basically, my weekends have become
nothing more than a time for me to recover from the week.

what does this look like, exactly?
like a lot of sleeping and eating.

you see... i'm in a weird predicament where i have a lot of time to myself,
but i'm not single...
my significant other is just roughly 450 miles away.

going out all the time doesn't necessarily interest me,
because i'm not looking to meet someone,
and it's simply not as fun to go out without andrew!

therefore: lazy weekends are born.

when he's not in town, i essentially do nothing.
and the thing is, it makes me so incredibly happy.

if you guys don't want to be friends with me after this realization,
i understand.

actually, during the week i'm more active.
i go on girly coffee dates, to lacrosse games, to my bible study, etc.
...i even have my very first blate coming up this week!
(whaddup whitney & kendahl)

it's just that, sometimes - aka all the time - i like to do nothing,
and i think that's okay.

i also like to go to the mall and try to convince my friends
that i bought the above hat from urban outfitters.

and i think they were only 90% sure i was joking...
if that tells you anything about my impeccable style.

so there you have it.
how much are you guys judging me right now???
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Friday, April 5, 2013

things that make me happy

1) my new bestest friend haley, who conveniently has a blog now :)
seriously, we're obsessed with each other.
see this creepy twitter convo as proof:

2) finally getting my car fixed TODAY.
it's looked like this for a few months now,
and i was kinda starting to get nervous:

3) the fact that my office completely stuffed our faces with olive garden yesterday.
like, it was out of control.
feast your eyes:

4) this song by rihanna:
even though ri ri is a certified crazy person, she has an incredible voice.
(and i know it's on the radio, but i just now really listened to it)

i hope you all have wonderful weekend! i know i will :)
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

what have i never done?

plenty of things!

but for the purposes of today's post, i will only list a few.

never have i ever...

...been to europe
...gotten my eyebrows waxed
...failed a class
...gone hunting
...had a car other than my trusty jeep
...shattered an iphone screen (but i did have one stolen)
...had an older sibling
...lost a grandfather
...turned down a good nap
...turned down a good meal
...turned down a good shopping trip
...loved someone as much as i love andrew (awww!)
...fully understood football
...owned my own pet
...been on a cruise
...had red hair

& that's all i can think of for now.
do any of these surprise you?

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

crazy busy

so, as you may have guessed from the title of this post,
this weekend was crazy busy for me.

basically, it was wedding-filled and wonderful,
and i am exhausted because of it!

friday night, andrew and i had our official "food tasting"at the reception venue.
it was very fancy...

we decided on some delicious food,
and then met up with my friends for drinks.

saturday morning, we ordered our wedding invitations
(accompanied, thankfully, by my mother).
it was a pretty stressful decision,
but luckily we both agreed and get to see a proof before anything is printed.

saturday afternoon, we had our very first wedding shower!
it was unbelievable.
seriously, i was shocked by how many people were there to celebrate with us!

it was a beautiful few hours,
filled with love, laughter, and presents.
(and that may be my cheesiest statement to date, but it's true)

afterward, both of our families enjoyed some mexican food together,
and then i gladly called it a night.

sunday morning, andrew attended church with my family,
and then he had to head home to spend time with his own :(
saying goodbye to him just doesn't easier!
especially when i know i won't see him for 3 weeks...

in despair, i napped for a little while,
then headed to our annual neighbor extravangza.

basically, we spend the day sitting by the lake,
watching the little kids have an easter egg hunt,
and continuously stuffing our faces.
in short, it's perfect.

i got a good night's sleep that night,
and awoke ready to take on a brand new week!

...i hope you all had as happy of an easter as i did :)

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