Monday, April 8, 2013

loving my lazy life

sooo basically, my weekends have become
nothing more than a time for me to recover from the week.

what does this look like, exactly?
like a lot of sleeping and eating.

you see... i'm in a weird predicament where i have a lot of time to myself,
but i'm not single...
my significant other is just roughly 450 miles away.

going out all the time doesn't necessarily interest me,
because i'm not looking to meet someone,
and it's simply not as fun to go out without andrew!

therefore: lazy weekends are born.

when he's not in town, i essentially do nothing.
and the thing is, it makes me so incredibly happy.

if you guys don't want to be friends with me after this realization,
i understand.

actually, during the week i'm more active.
i go on girly coffee dates, to lacrosse games, to my bible study, etc.
...i even have my very first blate coming up this week!
(whaddup whitney & kendahl)

it's just that, sometimes - aka all the time - i like to do nothing,
and i think that's okay.

i also like to go to the mall and try to convince my friends
that i bought the above hat from urban outfitters.

and i think they were only 90% sure i was joking...
if that tells you anything about my impeccable style.

so there you have it.
how much are you guys judging me right now???
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  1. I am not judging at all, because I like to spend my weekends doing the same thing - watching way too much Netflix, eating, and sending ridiculous snapchats to my friends.
    Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!
    <3 Kiersten

  2. Wait did you just write a post about me? Because this pretttty much sums up my life to a tee. Eating, sleeping, long distance relationship, enojoying me, myself and I on the weekends. K I'll come be your weekend partner, see ya soon

  3. When Mac was deployed, I did nothing every weekend. Highlights generally included cleaning the bathroom. But there's nothing wrong with lazy days!

  4. This sounds exactly like my life these days as well! My husband has been in Texas for a bit before I move down next weekend to join him, so although I know it's nothing like the distance you've been doing, I can relate! At least I have packing up the apartment to keep me, busy, and even though the TVs are all packed up and ready to go, I'm grateful for Wifi and reality television shows on my Kindle!

  5. I love alone time and being lazy! And you totally should have bought that hat! So cute ;o)

  6. I do the same things on the weekends when I'm not with my boyfriend (we're long distance, too)! It feels weird going out to bars all the time without him and with my single friends!

  7. I'll happily shake things up for you this week. ;)

  8. No judge zone here! My hubby and I did long distance (500 miles) for 3 years and I know how tough it is! Do whatever it is that makes you happy!

  9. I too much prefer to be at home :)

  10. Well this is pretty much spot on. Netflix has ruined me.... if I move from my couch on a Saturday afternoon it's a miracle. I got out of my yoga pants to get lunch with my brother last weekend and he was so surprised to see me out in public that he bought a pitcher of beer in celebration. Preeeeeeeetty sure weekends are made for doing nothing!

    SO SO SO excited you found my blog and are moving to AUSTIN. Can't wait to read more!