Tuesday, April 23, 2013

my one true (female) love

sooo i meant to write this post yesterday,
but i was suffering from a terrible case of the mondays.
it included heartache, exhaustion, and ugliness... woohoo!

anyways, nobody cares about that so let's get right down to it.
i've recently found my soul mate...
my female soul mate that is.

her name is haley and we are basically twins in every way.
here is our story:

as i've mentioned before, i joined a women's bible study back in january. haley did too.
i'm not exactly sure how... (aka i facebook messaged her)
but we decided to meet for coffee one night.

from then on, it went a little something like this:
  • become obsessed with each other.
  • acknowledge that we're obsessed with each other.
  • introduce her to snapchat so we can send selfies all day every day.
  • her husband becomes increasingly scared of me.
  • decide that it's time for a double date.
  • force our men to take us out on the town.
  • live happily ever after.
  • oh, and naturally...
    convince her to start a blog along the way so that we can constantly stalk each other.
    go show her some love people!
in conclusion, here is a picture of my other true (male) love,
along with my cute doggies,
so that this post isn't entirely too weird:

happy tuesday, everybody!

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  1. hahahaa! love it! and that red dress is super cute!

  2. Never heard of girl soulmates before. So someone needs to clue me in. Esp if this type of soulmate can bring you up when you're down. Lift you up 24/7. Just talk to you and be there for you when you feel as if noone else will.


  3. I love finding our girl soul mates! This is too funny. (: