Thursday, April 11, 2013

our love story (part 1)

*come back tomorrow for a full blate recap*

hello lovely ladies!
(plus dad & andrew)

in honor of the fact that our wedding is now 100 days away,

i figured it was about time for a real love story around these parts.
i've touched on it before, but now i'm getting nitty gritty (that sounds creepy).

basically, there are a million reasons why andrew & i should have met before we did.
we had a bunch of the same friends freshman year
(he had actually BEEN IN my dormroom when i wasn't there to hang out with my roommate and some other people),
we frequented the same church,
and his parents had recently moved to florida (where i'm from).

but alas, we were destined to meet in the most unlikely of places:
dinosaurs class.
yes, you read that correctly... we both took a dinosaurs class.
it was supposed to be an easy elective, and (lucky for us)
wherever you sat on the second day was your seat for the rest of the semester.
we happened to end up right next to each other.

all that to say, we slowly became class friends.
we would check out what each other was browsing (him: reddit, me: nba),
we made fun of our teacher,
i even invited him to my 21st birthday party!
(he did not make an appearance though... jerk)
 everything changed, however, when easter weekend approached.
by this point, we had discussed our mutual florida homes,
and how we were both visiting them for the holiday.
andrew slyly suggested that we caravan
(which i quickly accepted, because i hated making the 8 hour drive alone)
but when the time came, we realized we should just ride in the same car save gas money, of course!

and so our friendship was taken to another level.
 when you spend that many solitary hours with someone,
you pretty much learn everything about them.
he made me laugh (a lot) and i decided i wanted to see more of this kid.

luckily, he had decided the same thing, so when we returned from the trip,
we hung out (in groups, of course)
and then eventually had the stay-up-all-night-talking adventure.

unfortunately, i was leaving for a 3 week china trip (which i will discuss more later)
so we were only able to have one "real" date before i left.
BUT he wrote me an email every day that i was gone,
and it was pretty much the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me.

when i returned, we were inseparable.
it wasn't always perfect,
but we were committed to making it work.
when we finally decided to be "official", he took me on the best date i have ever been on.

we spent an entire year together at school before i had to graduate and move home :(
...our long-distance journey will have to wait for another day!

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  1. This was really sweet and I can't wait to hear more. Congratulations on the 100 day countdown! xx

  2. So sweet! Love that you're writing yalls story. I've just gotten started on this too!

  3. awww yay! I love hearing peoples love stories<3 thanks for sharing!

  4. omg this is so cute! i love that he had been in your dorm room when you weren't there! how sweet!! so excited for you!

  5. I feel like this is the start to a GREAT story! :)

  6. This is so sweet!!! And dinosaur class sounds awesome haha

  7. Such a cute "how we met" story! And the fact it was in dinosaur class is amazing!! I'm following along now, looking forward to hearing more :)

  8. This was a very cute story!

    p.s. I came upon your blog thanks to I wore yoga pants to work!
    You have yourself a new follower!

  9. Awww how sweet! I'm a Florida blogger too! I'm about to move to Cali though. I'll be stopping in TX on my way :) Excited to stalk the rest of your blog!



  10. Dinosaur class! AWESOME! What a fun place to meet!