Friday, April 5, 2013

things that make me happy

1) my new bestest friend haley, who conveniently has a blog now :)
seriously, we're obsessed with each other.
see this creepy twitter convo as proof:

2) finally getting my car fixed TODAY.
it's looked like this for a few months now,
and i was kinda starting to get nervous:

3) the fact that my office completely stuffed our faces with olive garden yesterday.
like, it was out of control.
feast your eyes:

4) this song by rihanna:
even though ri ri is a certified crazy person, she has an incredible voice.
(and i know it's on the radio, but i just now really listened to it)

i hope you all have wonderful weekend! i know i will :)
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  1. FIRST.

    Also I love you.

    Also I'm sorry.

    Also I'm not.

  2. When, oh when, are we having our date?! I need it to happen right meow!

  3. Olive Garden is the best, how fun! And I ADORE your blog name & header. I'm a Texas girl born & raised and love all things about this great state. It's quite an adventure and you're going to love it! Austin is so unique and full of great food and music. Happy moving!

    Bailey Jean

  4. Would you believe me if I said that this was the first time I heard the original of that song? I heard it redone by Sam Tsui on Youtube, but never Rihanna's version - so thanks for sharing!
    And that Olive Garden is making my mouth water...
    <3 Kiersten

  5. Doesn't Olive Garden take the gold for taking out meals?? They even pack the Parmesan cheese!

    have a great weekend Emma!

  6. sigh..i miss olive garden. they shut down operations in canada years ago so the only time i can eat there is when i'm in the states!