Tuesday, May 21, 2013

one year ago

a year ago today, i started my job.
my first real job.

you know what's even weirder than the fact that it's been an entire year?
...the fact that next friday is my last day here.

it's a strange thing:
knowing that i'm going to walk out the door,
and not walk right back in on monday.

letting go of thoughts and responsibilities that i've had for so long now.

realizing that i'm not going to get another paycheck
for at least 3 months. (yikes!)

now, if you have no idea what i'm talking about...
let me fill you in.

i'm getting married on july 20th.
which is 2 months from yesterday.

i got engaged on september 21st.
which was 8 months ago today.

somewhere in between those times,
i realized i would have to quit my job,
because - OH WAIT - i'll be moving
halfway across the country after my wedding.

why is that, you may ask?
because my fiance got offered an incredible job
in austin, texas.
& naturally, we said yes!

anyways, i decided to go ahead and leave work
with enough time to finish planning our wedding this summer.

i am sooo looking forward to it!
but it is a little nervewracking to realize i'll be unemployed soon.

...thanks for sticking with me on this journey :)

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  1. Well, Austin in awesome! I'm across the city line in San Antonio and I'm always in Austin. You already have a friend. :)

  2. Austin is the best!!! Praying for an easy transition to Texas!

  3. I hear Austin is amazing!! But totally know how scary moving can be, but yay that your wedding is almost here!!

  4. I live in Austin and you'll love it! There's so much to do! Good job opportunities aren't the easiest to come by, so I bet y'all are excited for your future hubby!

  5. So excited for you to move to Texas! Y'all will love it! I quit my job right before our wedding also to work on wedding stuff, you won't regret that decision! You get to completely dive in with every aspect of planning and making sure every little detail is perfect!

    Good luck!


  6. I'm in Austin too! I can help introduce you to this great city!

  7. I live in Austin as well- It's honestly the most incredible place I've ever lived in! I'm sure you'll absolutely thrive in the area, there is so much to do and several opportunities available.

  8. You are going to love Austin! I hope you enjoy your time of unemployment and that it turns out to be a blessing to have that time to finish planning your wedding! Transition can be hard, but I hope that it is smooth for you and that you grow and learn so much from all of the changes.

  9. Just stumbled across your blog, and am so happy that I did! Best of luck with your move and wedding. I got married last summer and had to move to a new state too, and it's definitely a transition but so great too of course :)