Thursday, May 2, 2013

thyroid update

many moons ago
(yes, i did just say that)
i wrote about getting my thyroid killed.

since then, things have changed drastically for me...
but not entirely for the better.

i went through a period where not much had changed.
then i went through a (short & blissful) period where i felt normal.
then i started to fall into hypothyroidism,
and i pretty much let it overtake my life.

i didn't know what to expect
(i had been hyperthyroid for so long)
but the other side of the spectrum has been equally, if not more, exhausting.

physically, mentally, emotionally...
i'm just that - exhausted.

the physical symptoms include:
sensitivity to cold, fatigue, muscle pain, weight gain,
just to name a few.

the mental and emotional side of things is no walk in the park, either.
i've gotten pretty down on myself.
most days, i feel overwhelmed...
like i could cry at the drop of a hat.

however, this post wasn't meant to be one giant complaint,
because 1) that's no fun for anyone,
and 2) there are much worse things that people struggle with everyday.

...but also because - i have hope!
i went to the doctor on monday,
and she is starting me on medicine that should make me feel a lot better.

i've never been so happy to see pills in my life!


 (that's not an exaggeration... i was ecstatic)

i've just been so tired for so long,
and i couldn't be more ready for a change.

here's to hoping this medicine works and i feel better real soon!

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  1. I hope you start feeling better! Hang in there!

  2. Hopefully these pills will be just what you need! Praying that you feel better!

  3. I've had hypothyroidism since high school and I SO related to this post. The extreme fatigue is the worst. Whenever I run out of my medicine and am irresponsible about refilling it, I start to get so exhausted easily. Even with the medicine, I'm still always cold. Always. Though I don't think I've gained weight from it and I've never been really heavy, I pretty much have all the other symptoms. I wrote a whole post about it (I don't usually leave links but this post is super relevant)

    The pills will help, I promise!

  4. Whoa hang in there girl! Such a bummer to hear about, but I'm sure your pills will kick in and make you feel better!!

  5. That's awesome. So glad they have found you a new medication. I completely understand your predicament. Hang in there. Great stuff is around the corner!