Tuesday, May 7, 2013

warning: i like selfies

so sunday was cinco de mayo.
(did anyone know that?)
and i celebrated the way every girl should...
with sombreros, maracas, & mustaches.

oh, and a million selfies:

1) "i'm a totally normal person"
2) "obligatory marg pic!"
3) "from now on, please call me don juan"
4) "snapchat success"
5) "actresses without teeth, anybody?"
6) "i see you, baby"
7) "the demise of don juan"
8) "it's okay, i can still hang with the cool kids"
9) "nope, no i can't"

...you're welcome, world.

also, these ladies were with me:

and yes, i am wearing a different mustache in the second picture.

so there you have it.
a completely normal sunday,
followed by an even-worse-than-usual monday.


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  1. Yep completely normal! Sunday's like that are the best!

  2. I take a million selfies with my husband. Some people are terrible (maybe on purpose) at taking photos of other people and we always look cuter in selfies, so selfies win. :)

  3. LOL I love taking selfies...but its always awkward when people watch you taking a selfie haha