Friday, May 24, 2013

you should be watching SYTYCD

...and here's why:

SYTYCD (or so you think you can dance)
is, without a doubt, the most uplifting and incredible show on tv.
it literally changes my life every time i watch it.
i'm not exaggerating.

& i should probably work for them, but i don't...

1. it will make you laugh

2. it will inspire you

3. it will leave you in awe

& if those clips weren't enough to convince you,
just give one episode a try.
i guarantee it will bring tears to your eyes
and a smile to your face :)

linking these videos for #backthatazzup friday

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  1. One of my favorite summer shows! I love the dances and the stories of the dancers! That 4 year old was TOO CUTE!

  2. it's my favorite show on tv. like ever, so yeah we are closer than ever now. in my mind.

  3. IT really is such a great show!!! You can do anything, ANYTHING, you put your mind to!

  4. Absolutely love that show! The breast cancer dance will forever be my favorite. Beautiful.

  5. It's one of my favorite shows!

  6. ahh I love this show! I keep forgetting to watch it but these clips have me excited about it again!