Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GUEST POST: thomas house

As you may know, Emma is currently on a sort of vacation in which she and Andrew go to Austin to find a place for them to live.

And as you may have realized by now, this is not Emma.

And you would be correct.

This is NOT Emma. This is her less blonde, shorter haired, paler, more married, less tall friend, Haley.

I also have a blog.

But it sucks compared to this one, so don't even bother.

But enough about me, let's talk about Emma. And more specifically, what Emma did this weekend. And since this is Emma's blog I'm going to write about how much fun she had in her own words. (Kind of.)

Hi everyone!! This is Emma!! I just want you all to hear about the super fun time I had this weekend!!
On Friday it was my very last day of work ever for a little while, and that was awesome. What was less awesome was that my boss gave me an assignment 5 minutes before I was leaving and since I'm too nice to say no, I did it. I am an angel.

What Haley Would Have Done:

Anyway, after work, Seventies Mustache Andrew took me out on a hot date to the Melting Pot where I ate mine and his weight in fondue, because go big or go home, amiright?

It was also at the Melting Pot where we had a hilarious mix-up with our waiter about which Athens we had come from, but that's a story for another time. Probably.

And after the Melting Pot, I achieved a feat that is only rarely seen in the wild - I slept for 14 hours. I may have slipped into a coma around the 11 hour mark, but there's no way to know for sure. Fortunately, Andrew continued to check on my breathing, so it all worked out. I'm currently in talks with Guinness as I may have broken some kind of record.

Haley's Reaction:

And then, SATURDAY, was the absolute best day of my entire life, probably even better than my wedding which is coming up in some days, because I went over to my best friend in the entire universe who I love even more than Andrew and my Nike shorts, HALEY THOMAS'S HOUSE APARTMENT for a casual dinner party. And I literally mean casual.


This AMAZING dip that Andrew and I made. We forgot to take a picture before we pigged out.

We had a delicious dinner and these rocking drinks that looked really fancy and tasted like cotton candy. They're called Miami Vices (not to be confused with Miami Vice) and OH MAN. It's half Strawberry Daiquiri, half Pina Colada, all scrumptious. And our gentlemen friends probably consumed 85% of them. So not really sure what that's about.

Miami Vice, ladies and gentlemen.


After our 5-star meal, we had some equally phenomenal cake called Tres Leches. Ask Haley about it sometime. It rules.

That is the entire cake, not just one slice. So don't freak out.

Following stuffing our beautiful faces, we relaxed on Haley's Ikea furniture and talked about everything nerdy under the sun and I totally fit in because I am the Queen of the Nerds and it wasn't weird at all. And then we looked for ourselves on the Craigslist Missed Connections, and Haley got upset because she wasn't on there, and we had to assure her that she probably has been at some point and just please stop freaking out. (Easy.)

And Sunday is kind of a blank, I snapchatted a little and probably took a nap? There's no way to know. There was a big storm, and it made Haley not be able to be a tubing prodigy, so I guess there's that.

And now, I'm headed west to find my future love nest!! WOOHOO!!

Wow, Emma, that was awesome. I'm so glad you had such a killer weekend, and who knew you liked me so much?? (Me. I did.)

Good luck on your apartment hunt! And please still be my friend after this weird blog post!!

XOXO, Gossip Girl. Ugh. Sorry.

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  1. I am kind of embarrassed that this is going to be on the internet forever.

  2. Tres Leches is my FAVORITE cake to make. That and chess cake. Yum!

  3. haha this is so funny